What was up with the Films and Soundtracks in February 2018?

The Soundtracks and Movies that are Worth Checking Out

1) Recommended Soundtracks

The Best Soundtracks are From Now On Recommended to You from the Editorial Team

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Internationale Film-Soundtracks des Monats  
Zac Efron & ZendayaRewrite the Stars The Greatest Showman
Hugh Jackman & Zac EfronThe Other SideThe Greatest Showman
Michelle WilliamsTightropeThe Greatest Showman
Loren AllredNever EnoughThe Greatest Showman
Keala SettleThis Is MeThe Greatest Showman
Natalie MerchantWonderWonder
Passion PitMonth's WingsWonder
Caroline PennellWe Are Going To Be FriendsWonder
The Polyphonic SpreeLight & Da<Wonder
The White StripesWe're going to be friendsWonder

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Amazon Prime Video™


Olympus Has Fallen - The world in danger

North Korean extremists take American President Asher and his advisers hostage. The plan is perfectly ingenious and is implemented with cold blood. The terrorists have not counted on just one: the disgraced Secret Service agent Mike Banning is unwilling to stretch his weapons without giving the attackers hell.



No-one can escape his past so quickly, as ex-agent Phil Broker has to say painfully: After the death of his wife, he moves together with his daughter Mattie to a small town to leave behind his work in a drug control agency.


The Shannara Chronicles

The world as we know it has been at the bottom of this grandiose mix of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones for thousands of years. In their place came the Four Lands populated by elves, dwarfs, trolls, gnomes, and humans. Among them are three unusual companions who embark on an epic and fantastic journey to save the Four Lands from a dark threat.


The Grand Tour​​​​​​​

The PS experts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May on their highly anticipated return to the end of "Top Gear", the world celebrated cult series around cars, transmissions and engine howls: With its own test track and an enviable fleet of The trio goes on a world tour with the most powerful, noble and rare cars. Whether on a hell of a ride through the Namibian desert, the breakneck race along the English Channel or the drift training at Michelin - "The Grand Tour" is the drilled, lowered and up-tuned version of "Top Gear"!



"Restrepo" is the name of an outpost of the US Army in the Korengal valley in Afghanistan, also called "Valley of Death" by the GIs: Nowhere else in Afghanistan did the US have more fallen soldiers to complain about. Over the course of a year, directors Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington accompanied a platoon of the 173rd Airborne Brigade in their deployment, demonstrating the presence of gunmen ...


Tomorrow somewhere else

A dreamer travels the world, and must earn all his food along the way. Lars and Daniel embark on their motorcycles on a unique adventure trip. They earn money on the way and so they get to know the different cultures differently than any tourist.



When We First Met

With a magical photo booth, Noah experiences the evening he meets Avery again and again - determined to finally conquer her heart.

The Grey - Among wolves

The workers of an oil company crash over the wilderness of Alaska. Now the survivors must fight the elements and a pack of wolves.


Dirty Money - Money rules the world

From treacherous loans to manipulated emissions tests in the automotive industry - this documentary exposes the greed and corruption of large companies.


Marvel's Iron Fist

Danny Rand reappears 15 years after his supposed death. As "Iron Fist" he now fights for his past and the fulfillment of his fate.


Drugs in the sights

This compelling documentary series illustrates the entire supply chain of illicit drug trafficking - from manufacturing to export to distribution and consumption.


What the Health

This film explores how food can make you ill and how billions are at risk for the healthcare and pharmaceutical and food industries.

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