The Soundtracks and Movies of November 2020

The Soundtracks and Movies that are Worth Checking Out

1) Recommended Soundtracks

The team from Audials delivers the best movie soundtracks from the latest movies. Charts, oldies, rock and a lot other genres are presented so that there will be great songs for every musical taste.

Soundtracks from Series and MoviesSongSeries/Movie
The HeavyHow You Like Me Now?Community Staffel 1-6
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic ZerosHomeCommunity Staffel 1-6
The FratellisWhistle for the ChoirCommunity Staffel 1-6
Karla DeVitoWe Are Not AloneCommunity Staffel 1-6
TotoAfricaCommunity Staffel 1-6
ABBADancing QueenCommunity Staffel 1-6
Sara BareillesGravityCommunity Staffel 1-6
Lionel RichieHelloCommunity Staffel 1-6
SealKiss From a RoseCommunity Staffel 1-6
Eric ClaptonIt's in the Way That You Use ItCommunity Staffel 1-6

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2) What’s new on Amazon Prime Video™ and Netflix™?

Our monthly overview presents the highlights of the latest and best movies, series and documentaries

Amazon Prime Video™


This film tells the story of three women who work for the Fox News channel and who cannot bear anymore the tense atmosphere created by their superior Roger Ailes. But do the women have a chance against him? 


The Expendables 1-3 
Action movie trilogy with Sylvester Stallone about a group of fearless veterans who are sent to fulfill the most dangerous missions. 


Alex Rider Season 1 
When Alex Rider starts investigating his uncle’s death, his paths cross with MI6 agents who suggest to him that he becomes their agent. He is sent to the Point Blanc school for children from rich families. There he has to find out why the billionaires who sent their children to Point Blanc died


Community Season 1-6 
Lawyer Jeff Winger loses his job as it comes out that he does not have a degree. He attends the Greendale Community College in order to get it. There he falls in love with Britta and organizes a study group to meet her regularly. 



Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey 
In this musical, the toymaker Jeronicus Jangle wants to present a new incredible toy, but his former apprentice steals it. Jeronicus’ granddaughter wants to help him with finding the toy. 


Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square 
Regina Fuller wants to sell her property, a small town, to an investor and she does not care that the inhabitants will lose their homes. It seems that only a miracle will keep her from carrying out her plan. A musical with Dolly Parton. 


The Crown Season 4
In the new season of the historical series about the life of Queen Elizabeth II and her family Prince Charles marries Diana. Furthermore, from a political point of view, a difficult period begins for the Queen.


American Horror Story Season 9 
Season 9 of this horror series is about the Camp Redwood that has been closed because of the cruel murders that were committed there. Many years later, it is re-opened and murders occur there again. 


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