What was up with the Films and Soundtracks in December?

The Soundtracks and Movies that are Worth Checking Out

1) Recommended Soundtracks

The Best Soundtracks are From Now On Recommended to You from the Editorial Team

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Soundtracks from Series and Movies of the MonthSongSeries/Movie
Stan BushThe TouchBumblebee
Duran DuranSave a PrayerBumblebee
Bon JoviRunawayBumblebee
Howard JonesThings Can Only Get BetterBumblebee
The SmithsBigmouth Strikes AgainBumblebee
a-haTake On MeBumblebee
The SmithsGirlfriend in a ComaBumblebee
Steve WinwoodHigher LoveBumblebee
Hailee SteinfeldBack to LifeBumblebee
Nu ShoozI Can't WaitBumblebee

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2) What’s new on Amazon Prime Video™ and Netflix™?

Our monthly overview presents the highlights of the latest and best movies, series and documentaries

Amazon Prime Video™


The Aeronauts

Amelia Wren and James Glaisher want to break all records by flying higher in their balloon than their predecessors. But tension between them arises when they realize that they can die during their trip.

Light of My Life

A father has to protect his daughter from meeting humans after a virus has killed almost all women. But one day, the contact to humans is not avoidable anymore...

Almost Famous

In this drama from 2000, a  teenager has the opportunity to get insight into the life of a rock band and to write an article for the Rolling Stone Magazine about it.


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Season 3

The next season of the series about Midge Maisel who decides to start a show business career in the middle of the last century.

The Expanse – Season 4

In this science fiction series, the humans live on Earth, on Mars and on the Asteroid Belt. Their search for resources on a new planet leads to rivalry between them.

Inside Edge - Season 2

This is an Amazon Original series about the world of a cricket team, the Mumbai Mavericks, that is full of intrigues, greed and egoism.



The Two Popes 

This drama with Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce tells what happened in the Vatican when Pope Benedict resigned and cardinal Bergoglio became his successor Pope Francis.

Marriage Story

In this movie, Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver play a couple that wants to divorce but tries to avoid conflicts.


The Witcher - Season 1

The witcher Geralt of Riva makes the experience in this fantasy series that an ugly outer appearance does not necessarily imply a bad character.

Lost in Space – Season 2

Science fiction series about the Robinsons who have embarked on a dangerous journey out in space to find new planets.


The Confession Killer

Henry Lee Lucas claimed having committed numerous murders, but the DNA tests did not support his statement. What could be the explanation?

After the Raid

A raid against immigrants in a US town makes the residents ask themselves what it means to be humane.

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