The Movies, Series, and Documentaries of June 2021

Streaming highlights that are worth checking out

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Fight Club - Drama


Step Brothers - Comedy


Revolutionary Road - Drama/ Romance


Burn After Reading - Comedy/ Crime/ Drama


Take Shelter - Drama/ Sci-Fi


Bosch Season 7 - Crime/ drama


The Family Man - Action/ Comedy/ Drama


Billions Season 4 - Drama


Flack Season 2 - Drama/ Comedy


DOM Season 1 - Drama



Tragic Jungle - Horror/ Drama


Carnaval - Comedy


Fatherhood - Comedy


Skater Girl - Family movie

Series/ TV shows

Lupin Season 2 - Crime/ Adventure/ Comedy


Workin' Moms Season 5 - Comedy


Élite Season 4 - Crime


Black Holes|The Edge of All We Know - Astronomy


This Is Pop - Music History


Human: The World Within - Science/ Medicine


Picture a Scientist - Society, Women

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