What Can I Do Here?

  • Find, listen to and favor radio stations 
  • Record radio
  • Schedule recordings


Finding, listening to and favoring radio stations


With this lower left button in Audials you can set the quality of the radio stations. For example, Audials can only display stations that play full songs.

To find stations that interest you, you can enter them directly in the Radio view. Alternatively, select a genre and/or a country and Audials will show you suitable stations.

To favor a station, click its three-dot menu and choose Favor.


You can create several favorites lists by clicking on Edit favorites, for example for music of different moods or genres.


Each favorites list has its own color and is marked with a star. When you open one of your favorites lists, you'll see suggestions of stations with similar music.

Recording radio

To start recording a station, click the round record icon. As soon as the next song is played on the radio, Audials starts recording. In this way, several stations can be recorded at the same time. 


Audials will save the songs as separate audio files. As soon as Audials has finished with a song, it will appear in Music -> My Music.

To start a continuous radio recording, click on the station's context menu and select Record show.

Recording up to 100 stations parallelly 

If you want to record a huge amount of songs of a genre and/or country, the mass recording will be the optimal method. 

1. Choose a genre and/or a country in the left column and click Mass recording


2. Now set whether Audials should stop after a certain number of songs and how many stations should be recorded at the same time.

3. You can see the finished recordings in Music -> My Music.

Schedule recordings

Audials can start the recording automatically at a previously specified time, regardless of whether it is a one-off or at regular intervals.

1. Click on a station's three-dot menu and select Create scheduled recording.


2. In the next window, select the start and end of the recording and specify how often it should start.

3. As soon as Audials is done with recording, the audio files will appear in Music -> My Music.


Important Questions & Tips

Audials does not display stations with music similar to my favorites.

It seems that you have deactivated this feature. We explain here how you can activate it. 


After recording from the radio, all my genres got mixed up.

To avoid this in the future, there is the button Genre for radio recordings below in the center of Audials. If all stations you want to record belong to the same genre, enter it there before recording and Audials will assign all recordings to this genre.


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