Audials Radio 2020 is the successor to Audials Radiotracker. In addition to the popular Radiotracker features, all of which are still on board and have been greatly improved, we have a variety of new features for you:

Top radio enjoyment – no ads

Some of the 100,000 radio stations play an ad at the beginning. These are now marked with the note Ads. So you can avoid annoying advertising and rather enjoy what really matters: the best music! More about ads

Charts from all Websites

If you find a website that lists songs, such as charts, best-of pages, playlists, etc., just copy the URL of the page and paste the link into Audials.

As if by magic, all the songs on the site are listed in Audials. You can listen to or download them directly from music portals. With this unique feature you will not miss any hits and you will get them quicker and easier than ever before. Try it out and be surprised! How-to

Find your music instantly

Even with a huge collection of songs you'll never lose track: because now you can find music on your PC faster. All you have to do is enter the first letters of the musician, album or genre. Auto-completion will search for results. Even the music genre and tips for other songs, albums or radio stations are displayed.

Type it once, explore everywhere

Now you can simultaneously browse your music collection and all the music in the world. So it is easier than ever to expand your collection or fill the gaps!
Choose what interests you - artists, albums, genres, songs, stations, etc. comfortably with autocomplete - and see next to your music everything that is available from all sources in the world and load it with one click!

Genres perfectly organized

At various points, the handling of genre tags has improved. Audials Radio 2020 will automatically create a list of correct genres and make it easier for you to keep track of recordings with the correct genre. Manual adjustments in determining the music direction are now much more comfortable.

Music Styles - Simple and Versatile

No matter where you are in Audials Radio 2020, you can always set artists or radio stations as styles and switch between different styles as you please. Always get the right music!

Music wishes better than ever

In the Music Wishes section, wish lists can be created and edited more easily thanks to improved suggestions. In addition, the wish list can be fulfilled in a shorter time. How-to: Fulfilling wishlists

Your favorite stations clearly organized

In the single view of a radio station, the last played songs, similar channels, etc. appear. Scrolling changes the structure of the page, giving more space to the content and giving you a better overview.

Explore genres and countries intuitively

The revised surface facilitates fluid, dynamic operation. Exploring radio stations from different countries and sub-genres is even easier.

Never lose track

No matter in which areas of music or radio you dive deeper, the navigation always shows you where you are at the moment.


Audials Radio brings a modern design with an intuitive user interface, a sleeker overall picture with optimal feature placement and a smarter visual experience. In many places, technical and graphic innovations ensure maximum comfort and ease of use.