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All file formats for PC & mobile devices. Say goodbye to problems with file formats!

About TS

TS is the format used to broadcast high-definition TV. Say you are using your Hard Drive Recorder to record TV transmissions via a Satellite Receiver. The files that you get when doing so, will be stored in a TS format. This particular format may sometimes give you a hard time especially when it comes to playing it back because there aren't many players out there that support it. 

To get rid of this problem you will most likely need a file converter and this is where Audials Movie comes in: with its groundbreaking technology, Audials Movie is able to convert those baffling TS files into a more suitable format, enabling you to enjoy them on whichever playback device you please.

The Universal Video Converter for any case and every device

Audials assists you in dealing with aggrevating file-formatting problems associated with your video, flash clip and movie files. Furthermore, Audials reliably solves file formatting-issues via the “PerfectVideo” quality guarantee. Audials is the solution you need, if you are having difficulties playing your videos, flash clips or HD movies on your playback devices. Audials simply converts any and every video file in the highest possible quality. Audials lets you conveniently convert TS into MPEG4 and then use these freshly converted files on your portable devices

Audials Movie for Windows 10, 8 and 7

Download free demo. Get to know Audials and its possibilities.  If you aren’t pleased, you can uninstall the software without a trace.

Step-by-step instructions for converting TS to MPEG4
Start Audials Movie.
Switch to the Converter Tab.
Click the “Files” button and choose the “Add files” option from the drop down menu.
Select the files you want to convert. They will now be added to the list in the “Converter” view. As an alternative, you can always drag and drop files to the view.
Choose the profile with the desired file format from “Convert”. The default setting is “Universal, videos for Windows Mediaplayer”, which is well suited for PCs. Other predefined profiles are also available, for example for Smartphones or Tablets.
For fine adjustments or selecting a profile that is not pre-configured, simply click the button with the two arrows pointing upwards. You will then see a menu containing several output formats and a a large selection of available target devices (like Android & Apple iOS Smartphones and Tablets) you can make your selection from.
Once the output format is configured, click the “Start” button. The progress will be displayed in the “Converter” view, next to the files.
The converted files will show up in the Audials player on the right side of your screen after the conversion is complete.
You can now play the files with Audials or drag and drop them into another application or Windows Explorer to export them.

Audials has got the right software to solve any problem with file formats

With Audials Movie or Audials One, you can convert TS Video files as well as all other Video and Movie file formats.

Get Started Now with a Money Back Guarantee!

You can now use the best media software for retrieving and editing free entertainment at a low price. Don’t miss this opportunity!  

About MPEG4

MPEG4, the latest compression method standardized by MPEG group, is used for both streaming and downloadable web content, and is also the video format employed by a growing number of portable video recorders. One of the best-known MPEG4 encoders is DivX which since version 5 has been fully standard-compliant MPEG4 encoder.

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