Audials Radio is the Radiograbber of Surfmusic

Get Music Fast, Legally and for Free, listen to Radios and enjoy Podcasts as well as Music TV

Audials has been the number one Windows software for Internet radio for over 10 years now. With more than 100,000 radio stations and an extremely user-friendly interface, you get the best ever player and recorder for Internet radio.

Get Music at light Speed

12,000,000 hits by up to 3,000,000 artists from 120 music genres are available to choose from! You can get specific hits or an entire discography from your favorite artists. Audials will either select the right music platforms for the recording or find the right radio show from its database of 100,000 monitored stations. And it’s all in music store quality at up to 320 kBit/s.

The Charts and New Ideas delivered Free

With Audials Radio you will get with one click the Rock Charts, Music Video Charts, Pop Music Charts, Dance Charts, and US Single Charts. 

All Hits from music Platforms!

Are you looking for specific tracks? Simply enter them in the music search and Audials Radio will find your hits on the many supported music platforms! Either as a music video or audio track (e.g. in MP3 format) in the highest quality.

Find all the radio stations of your taste and record them as perfectly edited tracks

With Audials, it’s a piece of cake to find the stations that play your favorite music most often from among 100,000 of the best internet radio stations and to narrow down the selection based on musicians. 120 genres can be selected.

The Largest Database with the Most Internet Radio Stations!

Along with all the top radio stations, Audials Radio also provides you with the best international radio stations. You can browse through stations in the conventional way according to music genres, countries, languages or locality. Or alternatively, you can find suitable radio stations quickly by entering your favorite artist into the dynamic search function.

Why Not Just Record Another 200 Hits from the Radio?

Instead of having to record all day, the new Audials software allows you to save all of the hits played by your favorite show or DJ at once. Or you can just pick out the best hits. With Audials, the radio view also displays the 200 most recently played songs from your favorite station. If you want to be really smart, you can save your favorite songs via the music search and then add the playlist of your favorite DJ afterwards.

Launch your own Audials Radio today!

Click here to purchase Audials Radio. Just install the demo and, with the license key from your order confirmation e-mail, you can use Audials Radio immediately with no missing features or time limits. You can get your favorite music legally and for free in a matter of seconds.

Targeted recording of radio and music services will give you your favorite tracks as MP3

Audials Artist Directory Offers You a Whole World of Music

You can access the complete discographies of your favorite stars with all their hits and albums by, for example, entering the name of a band or by using a special category for the top artists of a specific genre. With hardly any effort at all, you can have Audials deliver you the entire life works of a particular musician. In order to get an album, you simply click on the image of the album you desire in the artist directory. In addition, Audials also offers chart hits and even samplers to choose from. And, of course, you can select individual tracks as well.

The search and recording of music services provide you with entire albums as mp3

Related Artists Feature for the Music Search

Tell Audials your music taste (by giving it a reference song, for example) and Related Artists will create a playlist of songs that match your taste via the music search. You can play and save the hits individually or grab them all at once. This means you can get plenty of new music from Audials in a matter of minutes. Related Artists also works if you select a specific genre or artist.

With Audials Getting Music from the Internet Is Simply More Fun

Top hits are shown highlighted in the search results. With just one click on the record button, Audials delivers the desired music to you. With the autoplay mode, Audials automatically plays the top hits that have been found, turning Audials into your own personalized radio station!

Get music form the radio with Audials Radio

Audials Apps are the perfect way to get the most from your Audials Radio Windows Software

Audials Apps are a perfect fit for your Audials Radio software. Audials give you tons of extras and is available for Android smartphones & tablets, Apple iPhones™ & Apple iPads™ or as a free app for your favorite browser.

Audials Play Apps as free Player and Recorder

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Audials Play as Pro Edition with much more functions

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