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Upgrade zur Audials 2018
Start Quicker, Finish Quicker! Also features Windows 10 Fluent Design!

Start Quicker, Finish Quicker! Also features Windows 10 Fluent Design!

During the beta test stage, users loved our new Audials and were impressed by the updated speed!

You'll be Surprised when you Open the New Audials!

The new Audials only takes five seconds to open when using an average PC. Without our current improvements, some users have to wait up to 13 seconds. The general processing speed has been especially improved for limited-performance PCs. Longer playlists in your music collection are now smoother to use and are no longer an effort for notebooks. Exiting Audials is now also equally as fast.

Looking Good - Audials with reworked user interface and new Windows 10 Fluent Design

Microsoft has started to gradually introduce their new Fluent Design for Windows 10. This didn't faze our usabiliity experts; instead they put all their efforts and ideas into working on and simplifying layouts, menus, toolbars, lists and switches in order to adapt them to the new Fluent Design. Nothing was neglected. Nobody has to miss out on any functions. Users of previous Audials generations will intuitively find their bearings. Audials 2018 is easier to use and, thanks to the new user interface, provides quicker results.

Streaming – Record music even better

Streaming – Record music even better

Perfect-quality high-speed music stream recordings for even more services

Spotify at ten times the speed and Napster at double speed in perfect audio quality

We've continued optimizing our core recording technology. While recording the most important music streaming services, Audials ensures that nothing gets lost and that you'll receive original quality recordings. For some services, this is done at twice the speed - at Spotify it is even done at five times the speed with two playlists. No quality loss and high speed!

Better Quality for a Better Music Experience

There are no limits when it comes to enjoying music thanks to improved M4A and AAC audio files! Audials is increasing the limit of 192 kBit/s and is now giving you the chance to enjoy a brilliant 320 kBit/s! Treat yourself and upgrade now!

New Visual Highlights and Improved Control

New visual highlights and improved control

We have made improvements to the entire Audials control system, smoothed out the edges and polished up the surface. We have also worked on improving the visual aspect of the music streaming recorder. The music you've recorded is now displayed in a clear fashion, including cover artwork - automatically found and added by Audials. If you wish, you can also continue to use our old table view.