Use new sources with Search & Record Plug-Ins

Find Plug-Ins programmed by users in the community

How it works

Files you find in the community with the extension .aplg can be used to upgrade your software’s music searching capabilities.  In the options menu, you can equip as many plug-ins as you’d like and find out in the community which plug-ins are the best. Before downloading and installing, users can now independently use the community ratings to ensure the quality of the plug-in and to verify the legality of the source. 

The user Samba19 has published a new set of plugins in the Plugin Forum. 

Threads and discussion about programming of Plug-Ins:


Please note

Plug-ins are created by third parties and not by Audials AG. Plug-ins placed in the community by third parties from their internet sites to be downloaded by another party will not be inspected by Audials for functionality, viruses or the legal validity of such plug-ins.

Users install and use plug-ins at their own risk. Audials AG neither guarantees nor assumes liability whatsoever for the use of plug-ins and the consequences associated with using such plug-ins to acquire media.

Media acquired with the Audials Music Search in general, and with the plug-ins specifically, are solely for private use as a private copy and may not be passed on to or made available to a third party. The user is responsible for ensuring the legality regarding the copyright status of the sources in connection with such media before use.  

Further details

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