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Audials assists you in dealing with aggrevating file-formatting problems associated with your  music, audiobook, video, flash clip and movie files. Furthermore, Audials reliably solves file formatting-issues via the “PerfectVideo” and “PerfectAudio” quality guarantee.


Thanks to its many features and options, Audials has proven to be a very useful tool for users, as indicated by its success and popularity around the world. The Audials’ software engineers have included numerous functions and settings, so that you are able to use Audials to quickly and automatically tackle any task without requiring a PhD. This also includes allocating file formats that can be converted for the most popular portable devices. No need to be an IT genius to figure out Audials! With Audials, you can simply select your cell phone or multi media player from a list of manufacturers and Audials then finds the right settings automatically. It’s like taking candy from a baby!

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Audials Tunebite Universal Converter

Audials is the solution you need, if you are having difficulties playing your music, audiobooks, videos, flash clips or HD movies on your playback devices. Audials simply converts any and every file in the highest possible quality. Audials lets you conveniently convert any file and then use these freshly converted files on your portable devices. Audials Tunebite Overview

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