2006 December, PC Format, extracts and quotations out of the article:

"Who needs the big bad iTunes shop when you´ve got one of these?

We´ve come a long way since the days of taping John Peel off the radio, and yet recording music from net radio (aside from the whole illegality issue) has mostly been an awkward matter of bunching a load of programs together to affect the necessary. Not so now with Radiotracker 3.0, though.

This delightfully simple application can start ripping MP3s from multiple radio stations with a few simple clicks. There are several impressive functions lurking inside the program, not least of which is this ability to rip from a lot of stations simultaneously. Sitting ahead of the cuve, as we do, we´ve got the demo version of Radiotracker on this month disc. That version´s restricted to three stations, wheras this Platinum Edition can handle up to 100 comfortably.

Lazy days

It´s an excellent package for the terminally workshy, who wish to fill their MP3 Player for a long journey. Want two hours of electro-ambient, or new age yoghurt-weaving? Set Radiotracker up to record and it´ll fill your time accordingly.

The Wishlist function is great; set it to look for a selection of artists or specific tracks, and whenever they´re played on one of the 14,000+ scanned stations, it´ll rip it, in whatever mode, the software then goes on a web-wide hunt for all the info it can find, from artist, through album and even cover art.

We fell in love with this app, setting it challenges across the office, and within two hours we had a perfect copy of Golden Earring´s Radar Love blasting out of the speakers. Bliss.

Needs 500 MHz CPU, 128MB RAM, 100MB hard drive space
Wants 1.2GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, as much hard drive space as you´ve got!

91% PCF says… “Fill your MP3 collection to the brim and enjoy.””