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New: Video Upscaling with AI Face Restoration

The AI video enhancer software from Audials can upscale video footage and increase the resolution to 4K. Audials has now expanded its AI capabilities to include face recognition and restoration. It makes unclear, blurry, and distantly recorded faces appear more distinct and clearer, contributing to an improvement in video quality alongside general video upscaling.

The two AI video enhancers, Audials Vision and Audials One Ultra, now also enhance human faces in videos. This works for male and female faces as well as faces of children. Whether it's movies, series, or just old recordings with low resolution, blurry cell phone videos, or camcorder recordings, old family videos - the visibility of faces is increased, whether they are shown from the front or in profile. This way, you experience characters and emotions even more intensely, especially on modern large screens.

Here are some examples:




Where can I find the new face enhancement feature?

The face enhancement is available in the Upscale view and can be activated before starting video upscaling if desired. It can be combined with any of the available AI models like Vega Fast, Pollux, Sirius, etc.


What is the difference between Audials Vision and Audials One Ultra?

Audials Vision focuses on optimizing videos using Artificial Intelligence. It upscales video material. Through AI frame interpolation, the frame rate is increased, and movements appear smoother. Videos can be converted into smooth slow motions using AI frame interpolation. Audials Vision converts video material into HDR, so you see more vivid colors and contrasts on a compatible monitor.

Audials One Ultra includes all the features of Audials Vision and additionally records radio, podcasts, music streaming, and video streaming. It supports popular streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, NetflixAmazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, Paramount+, and many more.

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