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Have you lost your license key? If you enter your email address, we can recover the license you purchased for our software.

However, it is important that you let us know the exact same email address as you did when you purchased Audials One, Audials Radio, Audials Movie or Audials Music. Please note that we can only recover license keys that are acquired at via our Element5 Digital River shop page.

If you purchased our software in a box from a retailer, you can find the help you need in our FAQs.

Please contact our support staff via email, they will help you as soon as possible.

Email address for Audials support: [email protected]

FAQ Regarding Our Licensing Policies and Product Updates and Upgrades

1. Are software updates free?

Updates within a major version (i.e. the first digit in the version number) are for free and can be downloaded here.

Example: For a customer who bought Audials One version 2020.0, all updates within the series 2020.x.x.x are for free. E.g. version 2020.1, can be downloaded and activated with the customer's old license key received when purchasing Audials One 2020.0.

Non-free updates include completely new features and functions. These new features are developed by a large team of developers over many, many months. That is why such version updates come with a cost. But we do offer our customers an attractive discount, usually communicated through newsletters. You can also request these offers from our free email support.

Please note that there is no compulsion to purchase these updates. You can continue to use your current version even after the release of a new version. Please consider updating if you are interested in the novel features and enhancements of the new version.

2. I want to upgrade my product. What should I do?

Examples of upgrade options: Upgrading from Audials Movie to Audials One.

Upgrading on our website

We have set up a short web form to upgrade your product:

Upgrading within the product

The upgrade dialog shows information on your available upgrade options and leads you through the steps of an upgrade process.

Start your product. Open the upgrade dialog by clicking Upgrade, located in the bottom right corner of the product window.

3. What do upgrades cost?

Upgrading a product from a "lower" to a "higher" version with more features is not simply a process of exchanging one product for another, but rather a completely new order transaction.

Consequently, upgrade prices do not equal the difference between the prices of both versions, as processing fees are included.

Even so, we grant a discount on the price of the higher version!

A customer has purchased Audials Music for € 29,90 ($ 29.90). He/she would now like to get the superior version, Audials One, which costs € 59,90 ($ 59.90). Due to the discount offer, the customer can upgrade to Audials One for only € 19,90 ($ 19.90).

Please note that our website tabulates the features for each version. In addition, website and order forms usually suggest to buy the highest product version. This way, chances are lower you do mistakenly purchase a version with less features.

4. I have lost my licence. What should I do?

Please always make a copy of your license mail and save it somewhere where you can retrieve it. Do not just save the key electronically on your PC, but print out the license email! This way, your license information is stored savely if you buy a new PC or if you have to re-install your system.

We also provide a free license and software archive service. You can get your lost license key and the link to the software you purchased, sent to you via email.

5. Where can I download older Audials software versions?

If you have a license for a particular version that is not available for download in the Freeware Downloads section, then you can find those versions linked in the support forum:

Audials Support > Older Versions > Downloads

If you could not find your particular version here, please contact the Audials support.

6. I have not received the licence key yet. Where is it?

If you have junk/spam filtering active in your email system and/or email software, check whether the license information email has been filtered out.

Please note: If you pay by bank transfer it can take up to three working days from the day of purchase until you receive your license key.

7. Licence key is not accepted. What should I do?

You can verify the activation by comparing the information given in your purchase email with the information shown in the Audials options: In the product's main window, bottom right, click Options > General. This dialog should show a serial number and the purchased product version.

License Error messages

There are a few different reasons why a license key may not be accepted. The displayed License Error dialog offers information, correspondingly:

"The entered key is not a valid license key."
     Please check the entered key for typing errors. The safest way to enter the key is to copy-and-paste it from your license e-mail.

The entered key is "not valid for this product", or "matches a prior/an updated product version".
     In this case you entered a correct license key, yet it is not valid for the product or the product version that you have installed.

     "You can use this key for ..."

      When displayed, this text tells explicitly which product and which product version the entered key does match to.

     Please find the most up-to-date product version on our Downloads page.

     For download links to older product versions, refer to question #5.

8. Where is my licence stored?

Open the Options. Under "Account & Licence", your licence key is displayed.

Please print and save your license email to a safe place. Also look at the question above: "4. I have lost my license. What should I do?"

9. How can I tell the exact version number of my installed product?

Open "Options" > "General". Under "Version" you will see the name of the software product, for example Audials One 2023. Click the product name to get more details. 

10. I want to contact support regarding license/upgrade/update issues. What should I do?

Please send us the question through our support form. Please provide us with the following information:

  • Full name used when you purchased the product
  • Date of purchase
  • Version number of the product you bought
  • Shop you purchased the product at – eSellerate, element5 etc.

Your question has not been answered here?

Return to support start page to find further help.

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