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Audials 2019 - the Next Generation from the Perspective of the Press

Spotify as a search source, music style and music bot, more pre-configured video streaming services, live TV streams: the new 2019 generation of Audials software has a lot to offer.

The trade press and bloggers like to report on brand new and popular functions, as shown in the following quotes:

"When it comes to Music, Audials has top-notch integration for YouTube, Spotify, and  Deezer.  The latest version now offers search through Spotify for the music you want to listen, and save on your computer. Along with this, it makes sure you get the best quality of music".
- The Windows Club


"The Edition 2019 also has a better TV player and increases the number of supported TV channels to 150 - plus 50 new music channels. You can save the program with just one click!"


"The streaming recorder is capable of recording Spotify at 10x speed while still cutting the song boundaries and storing the songs at 320kbps rate. When you enjoy your music on the computer, Styles help keep you in the right mood. So you can switch between different styles and depending on your mood changes the design of the interface, the selection of music and the suggestions".
- CHIP online


"For movie and serie fans, the software is also interesting: A recording planner and the automatic episode recording of entire series of seasons at Amazon, Netflix & Co. help you to keep track. In the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčInternet television, Audials One 2019 now offers [...] 130 live TV streams from all over the world, which can be comfortably recorded thanks to the newly designed player".
- Computer Bild Online


"Audials One is a good software package with many options for searching and legally downloading current music and videos. It is easy to use and still brings a high level of functionality with it".
- Netzwelt

Audials One 2019 for the Best Price

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