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Audials Radio Android App with New Dashboard

Recently, there is exciting news about the Audials Radio Android app: a new version is available!

With 100,000 online radios and 260,000 podcasts from around the world, enjoying the media on the go on a smartphone or tablet is even more fun. In addition, the new dashboard gives a better overview of all currently played songs on different radio stations and offers numerous manual customization options.

What the bloggers say after their tests on the new version of the Audials Radio app, you read below:


The blogger praises the "new design of the start screen" because "the information [...] is in the foreground". In addition, the tiles in the home screen now display the "song being currently played". Also, there are "many personalization and setting options", such as: "large or small tiles, color scheme and display of songs on the tiles".


With the paid version, Audials Radio Pro, you “can experience high-quality music among the widest selections of web radios”. It “lets you switch between radio station upon typing the specific artist, region and local radio station on the search box”. If you like a song “simply click on the “Record” button to save the audio track played from the internet radio”. While recording, the Audials app “will automatically cut the music tracks then save them in high-quality MP3 format, one file for every song”. No problem if you want to transfer files to other devices, Audials “is fully compatible with existing Cloud services or SD cards”. 


The Audials Radio app has many exciting features: "In addition to the recording of entire programs and individual songs, it is also possible to see the names of the songs on the radio stations before playing, the channel search for artists to filter or use the app in the car mode". No matter what style of music you prefer, the Audials app has all genres from "pop, rock, to electro" and many more on board.


With „260,000 podcasts and over 100,000 radio stations“, the Audials Radio app provides you always with the entertainment you need. Users can adjust the sound and amplification „when music is playing through the Audials app, with the Equalizer settings“. Moreover, “Audials can stream music to Airplay receivers, supports Chromecast, and even supports Android Auto for when you want to rock out in your vehicle!” So the bloggers conclude: „We found Audials to be an ideal app for music listeners and were thoroughly impressed with its multitude of features“.


The Audials Radio Pro App can be installed in the Google Play Store at the following link:

Audials Radio Free

Audials Radio Pro

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