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New! Audials Informer August 2018

Immerse yourself in the multimedia world of Audials: experience the sounds of the latest charts, surf the Soundwave of soundtracks and find undiscovered (independent) artists. Embark on the journey through lyrics, moods and get to know the diversity of the music and its interpreters.

Brand New Hits

Brand new songs are available this month from many great artists. Get the entire playlist with new music easily with one click, in Audials Brandnew

Audials Music Charts

Get spoiled with 80 current hits from the single, rock, pop, dance, hit, video, 70s or 90s playlists of the Audials Music Charts!

Movie Soundtracks and Streaming Tips

Which films do not only convince in the cinema, but also have good soundtracks? What interesting novelties are there on Netflix and Amazon Video? Find out more about the movies and soundtracks

Audials Moods: Your Mood, Your Playlist

Enjoying the summer, reaching peak sporting levels, celebrating or spending time with your loved ones: The entire range of moods is represented in the Audials Moods

Podcast Recommendation

We are curious about many things. A podcast explores some of these topics with the help of experts in the field. Now discover the podcast of the month

News from the Independent Musicians

The novelties of promising newcomers and independent artists are in the independent hits of the month

Interpretation of Current Lyrics

America first, Brexit: where should this lead? Isolationism is also the topic of the new song Humility from the British comic band Gorillaz. In June, the sixth album The Now Now was released. You will find out what they are singing about in the Audials Lyrics

Birthdays of the Month

Musicians like Jack White or Missy Elliott represent different musical directions in which they are unique. Which artists not only have great success, but also had their birthday in July shows the Audials Tribute

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