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New! Audials Informer November 2018

Music from genres like Rock, Pop, 80s, Schlager and many more deliver you the Audials charts. Among other things, with the Moods playlists you get the most beautiful autumn songs to really enjoy the season. Great talents like Charles Aznavour and Montserrat Caballé have left us, the discography of the biggest hits is on us with the wish list in Audials Tribute.

Newly-Released Music

What has happened in the music scene recently? Which singers have new tracks? All about it at Audials Brandnew.

80 songs from the Charts!

Get the Top10 from eight different playlists, listen to the most popular radio stations right away, or get referrals on top artists from Audials Newsroom now on Audials Music Charts!

Series and Movie Soundtracks

The soundtracks of cinema films, as well as from now on series such as Luke Cage Season 2 and Sharp Objects, and additional recommended series, films and documentaries gives you the category Audials Movies and Soundtracks.

Autumn Blues? Not with the Audials Moods

Show autumn the cold shoulder and heat up with the Mood songs. These songs will certainly bring your mood to a climax! Now discover the Audials Moods.

News from Independent Musicians

Indie musicians often enter new artistic ways to express themselves with their music. We like to listen to it. Do the songs match your taste? Find out with the Independent Hits of the Month.

Scary Stories with Podcasts

Around the theme of Halloween, a podcast called Dr. Death fits well. Abysses of human action are addressed with episodes about a medical system that does not protect patients. More about the Audials Podcast of the Month.

What is the Song about?

For those who have ever wondered, we offer a remedy: interpretation of current hits turn you into a song expert. This time with a song of a promising singer from Australia. Look what’s inside the Audials Lyrics

Singer of the Month

Good and bad news at the same time: some voices are silenced forever. And yet we can reminisce with the most beautiful songs. There is also the discography of the singers who have their birthday in October. Finest music now in Audials Tribute.

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