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New! Audials Informer September 2020

The Audials Informer for September contains wishlists with songs from different genres and an overview of the film and series novelties for you. At the tip of the month, we explain how to quickly record many songs from the radio. 


The Latest Chart Hits

Find out in Audials Brandnew which songs have been released recently and be up-to-date. 

Entertainment for Every Musical Taste

It doesn't matter if you like all genres or if you stay true to one musical style: In Entertain Music you will surely find the music you like. 

Film Soundtracks and Tips

You watch movies also because of the soundtracks? In Audials Movies and Soundtracks, we compile a monthly wish list for you with songs that appear in movies or series. Besides, you will receive movie and series tips. 

Songs for Relaxation and Good Mood

Whether you want to spend time with your loved ones, relieve stress, relax or simply need cheering up: Audials Moods wish lists will help you. 

Lyrics of the Month

This month we recommend a lyrics of the band Evanescence, you can get the lyrics here: Audials Lyrics. 

Independent Charts

Would you like to hear something different for a change from the genres you always liked? Then just try the Independent Charts

Tip of the Month

With mass recording you can record a lot of music of a certain genre within a short time. In addition, you can also specify the desired country. You can find out how to set up mass recording in Audials here

You missed an Informer?

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