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New! Audials Informer February 2021

Enjoy the latest chart songs, get wish lists with the most diverse genres as well as tips about new movies and series. We wish you the best entertainment!



For the curious, we collected the ultimate music novelties in our Brandnew list.

Entertain Music

Upgrade your collection with more songs from the genres pop, US singles, rock, dance, oldies, and music videos here: Entertain Music.

Independent Songs

In addition to Entertain music, you can also find the latest independent songs!

Video Streaming Tips

Find out which series and movies on Netflix and Amazon are worth watching here: Movie and series tips.

Music for Every Mood

Whether you're happy, romantic, chill, or melancholy, whatever your mood - one of Audials' mood wish lists is always right for you.

Lyrics of the Month

Do you want the songs you listen to to be thought-provoking? In Audials Lyrics, you'll get a lyric tip that meets your expectations.

Tip of the Month

Find the best podcasts and radio stations with the Audials app for Android. You can transfer songs recorded on your PC wirelessly to your smartphone and listen to them at any time. More about the app's features.

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