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Audials tips: How to cut videos and create own playlists

Newsletter August 2022

In the last newsletter we explained how to find radio stations that play music according to your taste. You can record these radio stations using the Audials software. Create a playlist afterwards to play the songs in the order that seems most suitable for you. In this newsletter we will show you how to do this.

This time we will also show you how to remove annoying sequences such as trailers, advertising and summaries from your video recordings. 


Our tip: How to cut videos

With the video editor, films and series can be cut and cropped after recording. 

1. Open the ... menu of your video and select Edit video.
2. The video editor will open. At the bottom on the left you will see a cutting icon (scissors) and a cropping icon.


3. Click the cutting icon.


Audials then will show the video frames and the time.

4. Hover over the video frames with your mouse pointer and choose the beginning and end of the sequence that you want to remove. You can zoom in by scrolling to cut out the sequence more precisely.

5. Once you have selected the sequence that you want to cut out, it will be marked red.


6. Click the green upper left Apply button.

Audials will save your changes.

By clicking the second icon besides the scissors, you can remove black bars and other parts of the video frame that you do not need.

Our tip: How to create an own playlist

You have recorded songs from Spotify, the radio or other sources, but you would like to put them into a different order? You can order the songs by creating an own playlist. As an alternative, merge it with other playlists.

1. Launch Audials and switch to the Playlists menu item.


2. Click + New and give your playlist a name, for example Music Hits.


3. You will have on the left an overview of all playlists. You will also see Last 100 and Last 1000. These default playlists always contain the last 100 or 1000 songs that you have recorded.

Click the playlist where you want to copy the songs from, for example Last 100. Now its songs appear in the middle part of Audials.

4. Drag the desired songs from Last 100 into your new playlist Music Hits. You can open further playlists and drag the songs into your new playlist from there.


Alternatively, drag the songs from the upper right player into the empty playlist.


Now you have a playlist where the songs are ordered in the manner that you like.

Extra tip
You can also change the order of the songs in the playlist itself by drag & drop.

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