Independent Artists in September 2021


Which Rising Artists and Bands are on Fire?

Independent Hits
ArchitectsDead Butterflies
Twenty One Pilots                   Saturday
Olivia RodrigoBrutal
The VaccinesAlone Star
JungleAll of the Time
Jake BuggAbout Last Night
BlossomsCare For
Men I TrustSugar
Niko RubioSaving Me
The WombatsIf You Ever Leave, I'm Coming With You

Get the Independent Hits via Audials Wishlist

To import the Audials Hits, simply start Audials One or Audials Radio. Then open the Audials Community via the following link and then click the wishlist you want. With that single click you can download, import and fulfill your wishlists right in the Audials software.


Independent Hits Audials Import


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