Audials Informer Archived Issues of 2021

December 2021

With this newsletter, we will help you to become more familiar with your new Audials One 2022. Today you will learn how to create a film list fast and how to record it automatically in the Audials software. Tidy up your music collection by setting where Audials should save the files and how they will be named.

How-to: Record films with the new batch recorder

In one of our last newsletters we explained how to record video streams directly in Audials.

You can do this with the batch recorder: Search for films in the Audials software, add them to the batch recorder with just one click and record in Audials. Like this it is not required to copy streaming URLs into Audials. 

1. Go to Video Streaming in the navigation
2. In the upper part go to Batch recording and click on +Add movie to queue.


3. Select Netflix, Amazon Video or Disney+. If you have not logged in to the video streaming service, you will asked to do so in Audials.
4. If you have found the video you need, play it back for a few seconds and click the green button Add to queue.



5. After you have added all films, click the Play & record queue button.
6. Select the internal player in the next window. 
7. If necessary, you will be able to activate the subtitles, high speed etc. in the next window.
8. After you have clicked the green Next button, recording will start.

Audials then opens the URLs automatically and records the movies one after the other. All recorded files are automatically saved on the computer and are listed in the player after a short time. 

How-to: Setting rules for folders and filenames

Audials by default names your songs according to the scheme artist - song title and saves all songs in the same folder. But you can also define other rules for the structure of the music files, for example if a new folder should be created for each album.

1. Open the Music menu item in Audials and click My Music. A menu will open in which your media collections are displayed.

AO2022_File names_Main menu.png

2. Open the options for your PC. Another window will open in which you can choose where Audials should save your audio and video files. From now on Audials will save all recordings in these folders according to their media type.


AO2022_File names_Storage.png

3. To set more precise rules for structuring and naming your files, click on Expert in that window. A further window will appear.


AO2022_File names_Naming.png

4. Select Automatically update subfolder and file names ... ... when editing tags at the bottom of the dialog box.

5. Select how Audials should structure and name your music (and your videos) in the future. Here are some examples with the song Billie Jean from the album Thriller by Michael Jackson:
\Artist - Title.ext
Audials saves new tracks directly in the chosen base folder. The filename of the track contains the name of the artist and the song. Example: Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
\Artist - Album - Title.ext
Audials saves new tracks directly in the chosen base folder. The filename of the track contains the name of the artist, the album and the song. Example: Michael Jackson - Thriller - Billie Jean
\Artist\Artist - Title.ext
Audials saves new tracks in folders named by artist. The filename of the track contains the name of the artist and the song. Example: Michael Jackson - Billie Jean in the folder Michael Jackson.
\Genre\Artist\Album\nr Title.ext
Audials saves new tracks in a folder named by the album. This folder is contained by a folder named by artist, which you find in a folder named by genre. Example: 1 Billie Jean in the folder Thriller. This folder is stored in the folder Michael Jackson. The latter is stored in the folder 80s.
\Artist\Year\Artist - Title.ext
Example: Michael Jackson - Billie Jean in the folder 1982 that is stored in the folder Michael Jackson.

Specifying your individual rule for folders and file names

Alternatively, you can create own rules that define in which folder your files are stored and how they are named. To do that, click Add/Edit rules in the expert window.

Then click  +New Rule.


AO2022_File names_Own rules.png

Now you can click on the plus sign below Rule to select genre, album, title and much more information for the naming. Sub-folders are separated from each other by a backslash \.

If you like, give your new rule an individual name and save your entries by clicking OK.

You have a question regarding the Audials software?

On our support page you will find many helpful articles.
We wish you the very best entertainment with your Audials software.

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October 2021

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Tip of the Month

Audials now records video streams in the internal recorder, i. e. without a web browser. Select films and series that you find interesting in Audials directly and record them there, too. We show you in this article how to use the internal recorder in the new Audials 2022.


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August 2021

With the latest Informer newsletter from Audials, you'll always be up to date on the latest music charts, whether it's the brand-new songs or the dance hits from Entertain Music. We've also picked out the most exciting new movies and series for you to watch.

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Entertain Music

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Tip of the Month

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July 2021

You can't figure out which series to watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime? Or do you want to listen to new music? Then the Audials Informer newsletter has exactly what you're looking for: new music wish lists and video recommendations.

The Latest News from the Charts

The wish list with brand new songs from BTS, Olivia Rodrigo, and others are available here!

Best Music Entertainment

Get to know the best hits of the nineties, current music videos, the pop charts of the month, and much more in Entertain Music! If you want to explore more genres, you can open the Music menu item in Audials and just type the genre name into the search bar.  

Independent Hits

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Video Streaming Tips

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Audials Moods

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Lyrics of the Month

One of the brand new songs is Electric by Katy Perry, which is definitely gonna put you in a good mood. Open the lyrics

Tip of the Month

Are many files in your music collection unintentionally duplicated? If so, Audials will show you all the songs that exist more than once and you will be able to delete everything that you no longer need. You will quickly have everything in order again.

June 2021

In this Informer newsletter, we have selected the best music and video tips for you: Check out the brandnew chart hits and enjoy many further playlists with songs by Billie Eilish, Selena Gomez, Harry Styles and many more. Besides, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have new fantastic series, documentaries, and movies! 

The Recent Tracks 

This month, new songs were released and you will get them with the Brandnew playlist. 

Dance, Pop & Co. 

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Indie Hits 

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The Netflix and Amazon Video Highlights 

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Happy & Chill Out Moods 

You will get the suitable songs for being in a good mood, for relaxing, and further occasions in Audials Moods

Lyrics of the Month 

In her new song Your Power, Billie Eilish resumes the metoo debate and she wants to appeal to the conscience of men who misuse their power. You will find the lyrics in Lyrics of the Month

Tip of the Month 

In the Entertainment view of Audials, you will have an overview of all your films and series sorted by genre. If necessary, you can order your videos manually. Here is how you can do that

May 2021

Learn in this Audials Informer newsletter which films, series, and documentaries are streamed by the two most popular video streaming services right now. Thanks to the Audials chart tips, you will keep up to date in the field of new music. 

The New Top Songs 

You can get the recent chart songs with the Brandnew wishlist. 

Pop, Dance Hits & Co. 

Enjoy further pop, dance, rock, and music video hits by Olivia Rodrigo, Lost Frequencies, Ariana Grande and others. Additionally, you can listen to the top songs of the seventies. 

Independent Hits 

Besides the maainstream music, Audials offers you a wishlist with the best independent music

Audials Moods 

You will surely be in a good mood with songs by Jason Derulo, Harry Styles and many others artists. Open the Audials Moods wishlists 

New Films, Series, and Documentaries 

You will learn on our video streaming tips page what Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are offering you right now. 

The Lyrics of the Month 

You should hold anybody who helps you through difficult times in high esteem and you should show that you are grateful. Justin Bieber does this in his song Unstable (featuring The Kid LAROI). Read the lyrics 

Tip of the Month 

You want to play back the songs you've recorded in an individual order? Then just create your own playlist in the Audials software. How-to 

April 2021

Don't miss the latest video streaming highlights! Because whether drama, action, comedy or science fiction - surely you will find something interesting in the Audials Informer. In addition to our video streaming tips, you will of course also receive a lot of wish lists with the latest music charts.

The Brandnew hits

With the Brandnew wish list you will know the current chart songs of the month!

Enjoy the Variety of Genres

Some songs you just like to hear over and over again. You can find such long-running charts along with other songs sorted by genre in Entertain Music.

Independent Hits

You say that there is a further kind of music? Correct. You will get the recommendations of songs that do not belong to the mainstream music in Independent Hits.

Entertain Moods

With the Happy Moods playlist you will always have suitable songs for a good mood. Let yourself be surprised what other playlists are offered in Entertain Moods.

The Film and Series Highlights

Enjoy the new Amazon Prime comedy Coming 2 America or watch the Netflix drama Philomena. You will get further video streaming tips in Entertain Films.

Lyrics of the Month

Zoe Wees' emotional song Girls Like Us is the recommended lyrics of the month. You can read it here: Lyrics of the Month.

Tip of the Month

You have never used the wish feature but you cannot find specific songs? Then let Audials search for them in the radio or in the music streaming. The wish feature is available in Audials One, Audials Music, and Audials Radio. Learn more

March 2021

Lots of new hits are waiting for you in spring: A wish list with the latest chart songs in Brandnew as well as other chart wish lists sorted by genre and mood. You will also get video streaming tips for a nice evening. 


Get now the latest chart songs with the Brandnew wish list!

Select your Favorite Genre

Whether pop, rock, dance, 80's, music video hits or US singles: You will find here the music hits of your favorite genre: Entertain Music.

Indie Hits

Or a different kind of music would be a welcome change for you? Then give the independent hits a listen.

Video Streaming Highlights

Are you feelling like new exciting films and series? Here we have some recommendations for you: Video streaming tips.

Entertain Moods

In certain situations music can work wonders, for example if you need suitable songs for your training or just as an encouragement. You will find four moods wish lists in Audials Moods.

Lyrics of the Month

The new song by Katy Perry presented in Lyrics of the Month will definitely encourage you, too!

Tip of the Month

If it is necessary to manually cut the beginning of a song or to add a fade-out at its end, the cut editor in Audials will be a useful tool to edit songs fast and easily. You will learn here how you can do that.


February 2021

Enjoy the latest chart songs, get wish lists with the most diverse genres as well as tips about new movies and series. We wish you the best entertainment!


For the curious, we collected the ultimate music novelties in our Brandnew list.

Entertain Music

Upgrade your collection with more songs from the genres pop, US singles, rock, dance, oldies, and music videos here: Entertain Music.

Independent Songs

In addition to Entertain music, you can also find the latest independent songs!

Video Streaming Tips

Find out which series and movies on Netflix and Amazon are worth watching here: Movie and series tips.

Music for Every Mood

Whether you're happy, romantic, chill, or melancholy, whatever your mood - one of Audials' mood wish lists is always right for you.

Lyrics of the Month

Do you want the songs you listen to to be thought-provoking? In Audials Lyrics, you'll get a lyric tip that meets your expectations.

Tip of the Month

Find the best podcasts and radio stations with the Audials app for Android. You can transfer songs recorded on your PC wirelessly to your smartphone and listen to them at any time. More about the app's features.

January 2021

Find out what music, movie, and series highlights are available this time in the Audials Informer newsletter. We thank you for your interest and your loyalty and wish you a pleasant start to the new year! 

The Latest Music Charts

Are you curious about which songs have been released in the last few weeks? You can find the latest hits in Audials Brandnew

Enjoy the Variety of Genres

Whether pop, rock, US singles, music videos, oldies or dance hits: Entertain Music offers you a wish list for each of these genres! 

Independent Hits

In addition to the wish lists for the different genres, we have selected further hits for you under Independent Hits

Songs for Every Mood

No matter if you need to be cheered up, are in a romantic or melancholic mood, or want to chill out: In Entertain Moods you get the right wish lists. 

Movie and Series Tips

Find out in our movie and series tips what the big video streaming services have to offer this time. 

Lyrics of the Month

What it's like to do or say something that you later deeply regret and would prefer to undo is described in the song "Train Wreck" by James Arthur. You can take a look at the lyrics here

Tip of the Month

Audials is now available as an Android app with a new design. It allows you to transfer your music collection wirelessly from your PC to your smartphone and listen to radio & podcasts. Learn more about the app's features here

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