What can I do here?

  • Organize and enjoy my music collection => My Music tab
  • Browse all streaming services and save music from them => Load tab
  • Enter music wishes and get them in the background => Wish tab
  • Automatically create an entire music collection => Bot tab 


Please note: An elegant way how to get the Music view filled with songs is RECORD: Music Streaming


"My Music" tab


  • Copy music from one device to another  
  • Retag music according to genre or artist (by editing tags or by drag&drop) 
  • Edit audio files



You see all songs that you have stored on your PC in the My Music tab.


If you like, you can sort the songs according to genre or album. To do this, click the eye icon and activate the desired item. 


Copying music from one device to another

1. Select in the dropdown a device whose storage you want to display, for example a smartphone. 


2. Connect the device via a cable with your PC/ laptop und name the new storage. Follow the further instructions.

3. Now you see in Audials which songs are stored on the PC and which on the smartphone.


4. Hover with your mouse pointer over a song. Copy the song to the smartphone by clicking the appearing smartphone copy icon. Now you see the song in both storages. 


Retagging music according to genre or artist (by editing tags or by drag&drop) 



Click the pencil icon of a song and switch to the Tags view to edit the song tags. Here you can change the artist, name, album tags etc. or add the song to a different genre. 


You can retag single songs by dragging them to a different artist or genre with your mouse pointer. 

To retag several songs, click the desired songs while pressing the Ctrl button. Now they are marked. Drag them into the desired category. 


The songs will then appear in the genre you copied them into.

Editing audio files 

Click the pencil icon of a song and switch to the Audio view. Here you can cut MP3 files, add fade-in/-out or export a part of a file as a new file so that the initial one will be kept.

"Load" tab


  • Listen to music 
  • Find artists, bands, songs, genres in various music streaming services 
  • Record the music you have found
  • Get the music charts of the month 
  • Find and save playlists


Finding artists, bands, songs, genres in various music streaming services 

After entering a search term such as an artist name, Audials displays the most popular songs, albums and matching playlists. Each song can be played, recorded or saved as a link. You can see the saved song in My Music.

If you want to browse a specific streaming service, click the dropdown menu with the streaming icons. 


Drag your favorite service up with the mouse pointer to the first position so that Audials prefers it in the search. Disable those services whose search results you don't want to see.


Getting the music charts of the month  

You see the current chart hits of the month in the Start view. 

To see all chart hits, open Load and select Top charts in the big dropdown menu.


Then switch to Playlists & Compilations. You can listen to the songs, record them or save them as links. 


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