What Can I Do Here?


Example: Save a Spotify playlist in the form of music files 

1. Open the Music Streaming menu item, click the streaming service tile. 


2. These settings work well, click Record


3. A window of Audials appears. Now play music in Spotify. 



4. Now your music is recorded. Wait until Audials is done with all songs and then click Stop

5. You see the recorded tracks in the upper right corner of Audials. 

The music is located on the hard drive and in your music directory of the computer. You can play them in the Music view, edit them, etc.

Important Questions & Tips

Recording a specific streaming service does not work. What can I do? 

Sometimes streaming services become suddenly incompatible due to changes until we have adapted Audials. Check Current audio/video recording issues to see if your issue is known. If not, contact the support and they will help you. 

Try to record from another "PLAYER" in the settings when starting the recording, e.g. from the website of the service. 

Where can I set the speed? 

In the recording settings you can adjust the speed for many services:


Where can I define where and how my files are stored? 

Click Storage in the footer  AO_Global_Output_EN.jpg
and there click the gear,



then a window appears that leads to all settings. Alternatively, you can click the dropdown menu in Music -> My Music to access the storage settings.



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