What Can I Do Here?

  • Have an overview of, organize and edit all your video recordings => Tab My Videos
  • Search and save video podcasts => Tab Video Podcasts

Please note: You can fill the Video view with your own movies and series in RECORD: Video Streaming.


My Videos tab: Have an overview of, organize and edit all your video recordings 

You see here all your video streaming recordings and video podcasts.  If a video is available in several versions, all of them will be consolidated.


The recorded videos are automatically tagged, so you usually don't have to name or sort them. If you don't like the sorting, you can assign a video to the desired category using drag and drop.

To edit a video, click the video's pencil icon and the editor opens. There you can change the tags, add subtitles or cut out trailers and ads.

To copy videos to other devices, click the drop-down menu and choose a device to connect. Then follow the instructions. This function is useful, for example, to copy videos to a tablet/smartphone or alternatively to a USB stick and watch them on the TV.



Video Podcasts tab: Searching and saving video podcasts



Open the view as shown in the screenshot.


To ensure that Audials only shows you podcasts in the desired language, select them by clicking on the three-dot menu.


Type the podcast you want into the search, or select a country or podcast topic that interests you. Audials will then show you the last podcast episode. To see all episodes of a podcast, go to its detailed view by clicking >.

You can see the saved podcasts in the top right of Audials or in the My Videos tab.

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