PLENTY! Recordings are always top quality thanks to significant optimizations, and now you can enjoy new powerful functions for even more music and movies thanks to all the user feedback. Everything is much clearer, easier and faster to use!
The apps include exclusive bonus power features.


Spotify drag & drop  - super fast (15x) perfectly trimmed and tagged

Audials 2020 lets you drag multiple Spotify playlists or albums into Audials 2020 which can then be viewed, downloaded and saved at extremely high 15x speeds within minutes. This enables you to quickly and effortlessly obtain a large number of tracks, which are trimmed exactly at the song boundary. Tags and album art are always included. How-to


Streaming services are offering increasingly higher quality levels, with more and more high resolution and Hi-Fi quality. The Ultra HD or Master quality of some streaming services including Amazon Music and Tidal guarantees a unique sound experience. Sound is available in up to 192kHz/24bit.

Now you can enjoy crystal-clear audio too. Generation 2020 supports recordings in the highest quality as well as FLAC file playback. If your sound card doesn't support 192kHz/24bit, you can still record music in the best format with no loss of quality.

How-to: Recording audio streams

Instant access to charts from all websites

If you come across a website listing tracks such as charts, best-of pages, playlists, etc., simply copy the page's URL and paste the link into Audials. As if by magic, all of the website's songs are listed. You can listen to them immediately or download them from various music platforms. You won't miss out on a hit ever again and you'll have faster and easier access than ever before. Try it out and be amazed! How-to

Download YouTube playlists directly

The video portal provides a variety of good playlists. Insert the link into the software and you'll see the songs. Organize them and erase some, and off you go: before you know it, it'll all be on your hard drive. Annoying ads are now a thing of the past.

Record music streams twice as fast

The mini-window open during recording uses a slide control to distinguish between music or audio book recordings, selects the output quality, monitors the progress and gives tips. Your recordings will always be perfect. 

For Spotify fans, we have an extra surprise: instead of 5x speed, you can now even record in extremely fast 10x speed! By the way: Amazon Music can be recorded in 2x speed.

Find your music instantly

Even with a gigantic collection of songs, you'll never lose track because it's now easier to find your music. You simply have to enter the first letters of the artist, album or genre. The results are generated using Auto Complete. The genre will also appear as will suggestions for other songs, albums or radio stations.

Type it once, explore everywhere

You can now browse your own music collection and all the music in the world at once. It's easier than ever to expand or complete your collection!
Select what you're interested in (artists, albums, genres, songs, stations and more using Auto Complete) and check out what's available from around the world, downloading it in a click!

Explore playlists from YouTube & Spotify...

Import lists of songs using the drag-and-drop funtion or add them to your Wish List and browse them for your favorite tracks. Discover similar types of music or different versions of the same song across a range of music platforms. How-to

... or transfer them as an entire Audials playlist

Generation 2020 imports playlists from Spotify or YouTube in the form of links. Listen to the songs directly, rearrange them or remove songs you don’t want. This way you can quickly turn playlists from music services into an ultimate Audials playlist.

Export playlists to music services

Any tracks that you have on Audials can be exported as playlists to Spotify and YouTube. Here the corresponding versions of each song will be found automatically. This makes it easy to move playlists from one platform to another. How-to

Genres perfectly organized

Genre tags have been improved in a number of places. Audials 2020 automatically keeps a list of the correct genres, making it easier for you to assign the correct genre to recordings. You can now make manual adjustments to music genre settings more easily.

Music Styles - Simple and Versatile

No matter what you're doing on Audials 2020, you can always specify the style of an artist or radio station and switch between these different styles depending on what you feel like listening to. Make sure you’re always listening to the right music!

Music wishes better than ever

In the Music Wishes section, you can now create and edit wish lists more easily than ever thanks to our improved suggestions feature. You can now fulfill your wish lists faster than ever before. How-to: Adding wishes to and fulfilling wishlists

Improved Spotify & YouTube song links

You don't always have to download music files to be able to enjoy them permanently on your Audials software. You can now simply add links to the files and then listen to them over and over again.

Top radio enjoyment – no ads

At the beginning of some of the 100,000 radio stations, a commercial is played at the start of playback. To make you aware of this, they will now be marked with the word Ads. This way you will be able to avoid annoying commercials and enjoy what really matters: top-class music! More about ads

Your favorite stations clearly organized

For each radio station, you can see what songs were played last as well as similar stations etc. By scrolling down, the layout of the page changes, providing the content with more space and giving you a better overview.

Explore genres and countries intuitively

The revamped user interface makes operation smoother and more dynamic. It is now easier to explore radio stations from different countries and subgenres.

Never lose track

No matter what genre of music or radio you decide to delve deeper into, you will always be able to see exactly where you are.

Audio Editor

With the optimized user interface of the audio editor, you can edit recorded songs even more comfortably. Do you have songs with a beginning or end that are not correctly cut, especially old recordings? The audio editor is an ideal solution. It can be opened in the context menu of the song.

Video & TV

Top image quality like the original - brilliantly crisp

Optimum video quality and a significantly better performance, especially when recording high-resolution Full-HD and Ultra-HD video. This is only possible with the new Audials. We have completely revised the video recording engine, enabling the most important recording sources and browsers to directly access the graphics card in order to guarantee top-quality recordings. Audials One 2020 now uses state-of-the-art encoding technology to achieve the best possible image quality, in particular for modern mp4 formats such as H.264 and HVEC.

Smooth higher resolution - thanks to GPU encoding

Audials makes maximum use of your PC's performance potential, hereby ensuring excellent video stream recordings. By directly encoding videos using advanced graphics cards from NVidia, Intel OnBoard and AMD, Audials is able to take full advantage of your PC's performance potential and will provide you with the highest picture quality possible.

Watch and record Netflix in super-crisp 1080p Full HD

The Chrome browser usually only allows you to watch and save movies and series from the video service provider in 720p resolution. Audials 2020 is the only software that lets you watch and record Netflix videos in top 1080p resolution on this browser. Recording from Netflix: How-to

Record subtitles

This function has been requested by a number of users. Now it's here! Audials 2020 can now download video files that also include subtitles. If you're watching a movie in a different language and can't quite catch every word, this function will make it much easier for you to keep track of what's going on in the movie.

New Live TV shows and a better experience

Since we have perfected how the software looks, it is now easier to view and find content from live TV and media libraries. We now also offer a huge range of new live streams.

Supports the latest smartphones and tablets

Audials has been updated and now generates videos in the ideal format for the latest smartphones/tablets. You can now enjoy audio and video files wherever you go on your new phone.

Easily transfer everything to your hard drive

Thanks to the customized user interface, it's easy to save videos reliably. While recording, the upgraded mini-window provides important information on how to create the perfect video file and lets you manually change the FPS rate.

Apps & more

Get exclusive pro app power features that are not included in the free version only with Audials One. Search for, listen to, download music and transfer it simply on your Android or iOS device. 

Fulfill wish lists directly on your smartphone

The popular wish list function is now also available on Android smartphones, helping users fulfill all their music wishes in a flash. And what's more: the wish lists on your mobile phone are the same as on your PC.

Intelligent wireless music transfer

Having your music, movies, series, audiobooks and podcasts automatically transferred to your Android-operated smartphone or tablet will keep you entertained as long as your PC is running in parallel. With the app

Perfectly synchronized YouTube music on iPhone

On iOS devices, you can now make use of all the YouTube music links and add them to your own collection. This is carried out in parallel to the music on your PC. Wherever you are, you can listen, rearrange and add new links to your playlist!

iPhone - unlimited radio recording

The radio app now allows you to record as many tracks as you want from online radio stations, be it 100, 1000 or 10,000. This guarantees unlimited music pleasure!


Audials 2020 brings a modern design with an intuitive user interface, a sleeker overall picture with optimal feature placement and a smarter visual experience. In many places, technical and graphic innovations ensure maximum comfort and ease of use.