Listen to and Record Radio Stations

Radio Player, Internet Radio Recorder, Podcatcher, Music TV, ID3 Tagger and More

100.000 Radio Stations from 120 Genres! Nobody Offers More!

No software offers as many possibilities for enjoying internet radio perfectly. It´s easy as pie to find international, regional or local stations, filtered according to language, genre and bandwidth or even the radios that play your favorite artists most often. With Audials Radiotracker, you see what the stations are playing even before you listen. This can´t be described, it has to be experienced!

Masses of Music by Genre, Hits from the Charts, Full Albums and Even Complete Discographies of Your Favorite Stars!

The Audials Radiotracker database has 10.000.000 tracks. Simply select an artist, album or an individual track and the tool immediately finds the right station using the Audials network, automatically records the desired music and saves it as a private copy on your PC.

Is Radio Enough or Do I Want Turbo-Speed Too?

Audials Radiotracker is the definitive classic among Internet radio tools and leaves no wish unfulfilled when it comes to radio. Audials One has all the functions of Audials Radiotracker and additionally offers turbo-speed functions to ensure the fastest delivery of music along with other unbeatable capabilities for your entertainment.

Audials Radiotracker is Available for Windows 10, 8 and 7 and Vista

Download the demo version today. Install it and get to know Audials Radiotracker's capabilities with no strings attached. The demo is free of charge and shows you the entire set of functions with almost no limitations. If you aren't pleased, you can uninstall the software without a trace.

Entertainment Bonus

As a bonus, Audials Radiotracker provides you with massive amounts of podcasts and the Internet´s best music TV stations.

Music Management with Music Universe

Audials Radiotracker manages your music collection, regardless of size, independently and visually on your PCs, clouds and mobile devices with its music universe. You can sort and rearrange your music collection as you wish. With 500.000 artist images, you can easily browse your music collection in the music universe.

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You can now use the best media software for retrieving and editing free entertainment on your computer at a low price. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

The Best Offer and Best Solution for You!

Audials One offers you even more with music from radio stations and portals. With an Audials Gold subscription you never fall behind. In addition to all the updates for maintaining functionality, youre the first to get the newest Audials software every year as well as all paid-for apps for smartphones and tablets - all inclusive and automatically. 

Audials Radiotracker at Home and the Audials Radio App on the Move!

The Audials apps work in perfect harmony with your Audials Radiotracker software and offer you many extras. Audials is available for free as an app for Android smartphones & tablets, Apple iPhone™ & Apple iPad™, as an app in the Windows Store and as a browser app.