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In computing, a database can be defined as a structured collection of records or data that is stored in a computer so that a program can consult it to answer queries.

Database System

A computer program (like MS Access, Oracle, and MySQL) for manipulating data in a database.

Database Administrator

The person (or the software) who administers a database. Typical task are: backup, maintenance and implementation.


Digital-to-Analog Converter
A device for converting digital signals into continuous analog signals.


Disc At Once
During the CD burning process, the entire CD is written at once without the write laser being turned off.


Digital Audio Tape
DAT is a compact, high capacity form of data storage, suitable for archiving or backing up large amounts of data.


A hardware or software system that translates data streams into video or audio information.


A default, in computer science, refers to a setting or value automatically assigned to a computer program or device, outside of user intervention. Such settings are also called presets, especially for electronic devices.


A social bookmarking site.


Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
An Internet standard protocol that assigns new IP addresses to users as need.


Dynamic HTML
A term commonly to describe HTML content that can change dynamically.

Dial-up Connection

In web terms: A connection to Internet via telephone and modem.


A social media site where users submit news stories and the community votes on the stories. The most popular stories are featured on the site’s front page.

Digital Audio

Audio that is stored in digitalized format than in an analog format.

Digital Channels

Modern electronic mediums used for communication such as blogs, podcasts, vlogs, social networks, webcasts communities.

Digital Media Relations

Outreach to the blogosphere, news sites and communities. Significantly different from traditional media relations in style and tone - less formal, to the point and authentic.

Digital Signal Processor

A chip category for manipulating and altering sound. Abbreviated to DSP

Digital Vision

A long-term strategy for a comprehensive online presence.


A directory is basically a list. This isn't necessarily a Web 2.0 term, but it's often used to differentiate between human ranking of content relevance versus ranking done via a computer program. The benefit to this is that classification can be more accurate, but at the cost of scalability; it's much easier for a computer program to evaluate billions of Web pages every week.

Discussion Group

One of the oldest methods of sharing ideas online, this software allows people to post questions and accept responses from anyone with access to that discussion group. A question and the answers to that question are referred to as a "discussion thread" or simply a "thread." Discussion groups are also called bulletin boards, message boards, internet forums, and web forums among other names.


Domain Name Service
A computer program running on a web server, translating domain names into IP addresses.


Document Object Model
A programming model for web page objects.

Domain Name

The name that identifies a web site.


Disk Operating System
A general disk based computer operating system. Originally developed by Microsoft for IBM personal computers. Often used as a shorthand for MS-DOS.


To transfer a file from a remote computer to a local computer. In web terms: to transfer a file from a web server to a web client.


To decrease the bitrate and thus the size of an audio single.


Digital Subscriber Line
A technology for high-speed transmission of data over standard copper telephone lines


Document Type Definition
A set of rules (a language) for defining the legal building blocks of a web document like HTML or XML.


Digital Video
DV is a format for storing digital audio and video used  by the DV-standard digital video cameras such as the DVCam and DVCPro cameras.


Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc
DVD can store up to 4.7GB on a disc.


A writable form of DVD.

Dynamic IP

An IP address that changes each time you connect to the Internet.

Dynamic Web Sites

Database-backed sites with dynamically generated content that changes based on user inputs or behavior - as opposed to static websites.

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