Record Music Streams at Mach 2

Streaming recorder, format converter for music & audio books, media player, ID3 tagger and manager for all audio files

Record Music Streams at Double Speed!

Get more from your music streaming! With Audials Tunebite Premium, you can record all protected music streams from the players of music services as well as unprotected audio streams from websites. These are then automatically cut, fully tagged and saved as MP3, WMA or AAC files. From Generation 2016 onwards, this is done at double speed!

Convert All Audio Files for All Devices

With Audials Tunebite Premium, copy-protected music, audiobooks and all audio files are copied rapidly without any loss of quality and converted to any desired file format. 40 audio file formats for PC, smartphone, tablet and gaming consoles are available for selection.

Manage Music Perfectly and Use It on All Devices

Audials Tunebite Premium enhances existing music collections by adding missing MP3 tags and offers a completely new browsing experience with the music universe with its many photos of artists and albums. Transferring music to clouds, to other PCs and to smartphones and tablets is as easy as child's play. There are also lots of convenient functions for playback so that no desire goes unfulfilled.

ATTENTION: Is Audio Enough or Do I Want Video Too?

For beginners, Audials Tunebite Premium is the right Audio tool to solve any problems with music and audiobooks and its streaming recorder records all music streams in top quality. Audials Tunebite Platinum offers all audio functions of the Premium version plus an entire extra spectrum of capabilities for recording video streams, videos and DVDs. More information about Audials Tunebite Platinum

Audials Tunebite Premium is Available for Windows 10, 8 and 7

Download the demo version today. Install it and get to know Audials Tunebite Premium's capabilities with no strings attached. The demo is free of charge and shows you the entire set of functions with almost no limitations. If you aren't pleased, you can uninstall the software without a trace.

Get Started Now Risk-Free with a Money Back Guarantee!

You can now use the best media software for retrieving and editing free entertainment on your computer at a low price. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Audials Apps Are the Perfect Counterpart for Audials Windows Software

Save Music from Paid Services and Websites Easily

With the Audials Tunebite Premium Recorder You Can Record Songs from Music Services and Save Them as MP3

Everything you need for music: A streaming recorder for all the popular online music services and audio sources. This includes automatic song separation, normalization and the automatic addition of MP3 tags.

Save Music

Save Music

Audials Tunebite Premium is Your Streaming Recorder for All Audio Sources

Audials Tunebite Premium is the streaming recorder for you. In order to record both protected and unprotected music streams from music sources (as MP3, WMA or AAC files), Audials Tunebite Premium is especially equipped with an automatic recording and cutting function, something that free tools like Audacity don’t have.

Make the Most of Music Video Playlists

Music video playlists offer a wide variety of music with great audio quality. With the new "Video portals" tile, it is now easier than ever before to automatically save all the music videos you play on music video portals, even including complete playlists. Audials then automatically saves the soundtrack from the videos in the highest quality and saves the music (e.g. as an MP3) with all of the ID3 tags, album art and lyrics as usual!

Audials Tunebite Premium Records Everything You Hear Online! Audials Tunebite Premium Records Everything You Hear Online!

Audials Tunebite Premium Records Everything You Hear Online!

Music tracks from your music streaming services, e.g. Spotify ™ or Deezer™, are recognized as music, recorded from the stream and automatically saved with tags. Whenever you listen to a song on a website or in the player of a streaming program, Audials Tunebite Premium can record it for you and automatically save it, for example, as an MP3 file.

Record Music Streams Perfectly at High Speed!

Only Audials can play Spotify music streams at double speed for recording them without any loss of quality! Containing no commercials and with perfect volume adjustment, Audials Tunebite automatically records the music stream and saves it in top quality and with all ID3 tags to your hard disk, directly to the cloud or on your smartphone in any of the main audio file formats.

Audio File Formats for Music Recording

Save Audio Books from Spotify and Deezer

In addition to music streaming, Spotify and Deezer now also stream audio books. Audials is well prepared to record audio book streaming, too.

Why is Audials Tunebite Premium the No. 1 Music Streaming MP3 Recorder?

There are many dubious tools available as streaming records. Learn more why Audials Tunebite Premium is the cheapest and best way to record music streaming to MP3.

Keeping Up with Platforms: Mission Accomplished!

Ensuring that you are always able to record all streams from all providers with their different formats and standards is both a responsibility and challenge for us. Very few software tools have the capacity to record so many different types of streams on an ongoing basis. At no extra charge, we ensure that during the operating life of each generation of Audials, software is upgraded completely automatically and almost immediately upon any changes to video services and portals to ensure the software remains fully functional.

Advertising is automatically recognized and cut out automatically

Advertising is automatically recognized and cut out automatically

Audials Tunebite Premium masters the most difficult challenges and removes music service ads reliably while recording. The mute function allows you to record audio streaming muted in the background. This option is also found, together with the volume settings for the recording, in a mini window.

Automatic Tagging while Recording

Automatic Tagging while Recording

Audials Tunebite Premium shows the song titles while recording. If you choose to edit the tags created automatically, simply go to the recording list and edit them manually using the convenient tag editor.

Audio Converter for Music and Audiobooks

Audials Tunebite Premium has been solving all DRM copyright issues for music and audiobooks since 2004

Problems with the copy protection of music and audiobooks are consistently solved by Audials Tunebite Premium, acting as a format converter to bring you all your media in the right format for playback on your PC, smartphone, tablet or gaming console.

Audio Converter

Audio Converter

Converter for Music and Audiobooks

Copyright Problem Solver

If your player refuses to play files because of copyright issues, then you need Audials Tunebite Premium. Audials Tunebite helps solve all copy protection issues and save your music as unprotected audio files legally and in highest quality

Is My Device Included?

With the Audials software you can get the right video format for recording and saving videos and films simply by selecting your device. There are 84 device profiles available for the most popular devices:

Manufacturers of Supported Smartphones, Tablets, Mobile Media Players and Gaming Consoles
Only the Best Quality for Converting Audio Files

Only the Best Quality for Converting Audio Files

Audials Tunebite has a unique innovation so that the quality of your music and audiobooks doesn´t suffer. With PerfectAudio we give you our promise of quality with a well-developed process that only allows for top results. During recording-based conversions, for example, Audials Tunebite records the audio file multiple times and compares it with the original until the result is perfect. There are 40 audio file formats to select from.

Audio Input Formats
Audio Output Formats

Audiobooks Lasting Hours Converted in Minutes!

With Audials Tunebite Premium, you can convert audiobooks with or without chapters for all devices. To do this, Audials Tunebite uses audio book libraries, such as Apple iTunes, as a virtual CD drive. Using virtual burning, Audials then saves audiobooks as MP3 files in top quality.

Audials Tunebite Premium Manages All Your Media

Music Collections on Your PC, Mobile Devices and Clouds Become a New experience with Audials Tunebite Premium

Audials Tunebite enriches your music collection and takes care of music management so things are kept tidy. Media management for PC, clouds, for filling up smartphones & tablets as well as a convenient media player with lots of extras are also included.



Comfortably Manage and Browse Thousands of Tracks

Completing, sorting, ordering, categorizing and enjoying music are the strengths of Audials Tunebite Premium and are done in the blink of an eye.

Audials Tunebite Premium Enhances Your Music Collection

Audials automatically enriches your music collection with complete ID3 tags, cover images and song lyrics at the early stage of the recording process. Imported music tracks can also be brought up to the standard of your music collection thanks to the automatic addition of any missing tags by Audials Tunebite Premium. This is done with both small numbers of imported tracks and large multi-gigabyte music collections.

All Media Files

All Media Files

Manage Clouds. Transfer Audio Files to other PCs, Smartphones or Tablets

Along with recording, playback and editing, Audials Tunebite Premium can also sort media, distribute it to other PCs or make it available to them.

Mobile Devices and Clouds Filled with Media

Audials Tunebite Premium fills up your smartphone or tablet either directly via USB cable or via the Internet from the cloud. Using a right-left display, Audials shows the music collection on your PC and the target folder of your connected device. The most popular clouds, e.g. Windows OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox have been preconfigured and can be filled up just like a portable device.

Audials Tunebite Premium Turns Your PC into a Personal Media Cloud

Access the music, videos and films on all your computers when you're on the move with your Android smartphone. Simply leave your PC running and with Audials Anywhere you can access, browse, play and download your media at any time and in any location.

Audials Tunebite Premium is available for Windows 10, 8 as well as 7

Download the demo easily and hassle-free and try it out with no obligations. No registration is required. The installation starts with one click. The demo can be uninstalled later without a trace.

Get Started Now Risk-Free with a Money Back Guarantee!

You can now use the best media software for retrieving and editing free entertainment on your computer at a low price. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!



Audio Player with Playlist for Playing Music, Audiobooks and Other Media

You can enjoy music, audiobooks, videos and films directly inside Audials with its integrated player, detached in a separate window or in full screen mode. When viewing a music track directly, you can edit the tags and album cover image easily and quickly on the spot.

Visual Playlists with Album Thumbnails and Two-Line Display

You can have playlists shown in a text view or a graphical view with album covers according to seven sorting and grouping criteria. You can export playlists in standard formats and then use them in other players independently of Audials. Similarly, you can also import playlists from other players, e.g. Winamp, and use them in Audials.

Enjoy the Best Options for the Best Price

Only Audials One has all of the function areas and thematic sections along with the synergy advantages they bring. Technology and the Internet are developing rapidly. With the Audials Gold subscription you won’t lose pace or fall behind. Along with all of the updates for maintaining functionality, you are the first to get the new generation of Audials Windows software every year as well as all paid-for Audials apps for smartphone and tablet all-inclusive.