A word about the description of services

Audials aims to offer all users the best possible experience at all times. To ensure this, we are constantly putting a lot of effort into working on major improvements, which are included in the purchase price and are offered free of charge. Our support team also provides personal support.

However, for technical reasons, we can no longer provide the full Audials service for some outdated versions. Full Audials service is provided for:

Audials 20: no longer supported
Audials 21: no longer supported
Audials 22: until the end of 2023
Audials 23: until the end of 2024

We are no longer offering updates and support for older versions.

We recommed upgrading to the current generation

Technical Services Included in the Purchase Price according to the Aforementioned Time Frame

In most cases, Audials AG frequently updates your software in the background free of charge during numerous service cycles, so that you can enjoy your entertainment without any effort on your part.

Audials software Music view

  • New Versions of the so-called Search & Record plugins

The Search & Record plugins are used to search portals such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, and others for music, load the songs, or link them. However, these music portals undergo changes from time to time or new ones are added. In these cases, Audials develops new Search & Record Plugins and makes these available as part of the Audials service. 

New or changed plugins are automatically loaded in the background and automatically enabled by Audials at the next restart.


  • Updating the Music Database

Audials has millions of artists and the entire discography of all important artists, including all songs and albums that have ever been published by any given artist. These data are constantly changing as new artists emerge, and most importantly all artists produce new songs. One of the features that makes Audials so great is its ability to suggest the right music. To be able to do this, it must not only know all songs that exist in the world, but also the intricate relationships between them, i.e., which songs are similar etc. This data is calculated at great expense, including the use of artificial intelligence.  

The Audials music database, which is critical for searching music, creating wish lists, and many other features, is thus constantly updated as part of the Audials services. These updates are enabled immediately and automatically.


  • Provisioning of the Weekly so-called Audials Charts

The music world is huge. The Audials team finds interesting, new, and great music for you and makes this available each week in the Audials charts. 

The new Audials charts become visible automatically. 

Audials software Radio view

The radio stations of the world are constantly changing as new ones are added, and some close shop. But above all, the streaming addresses change frequently. This is why Audials updates the radio station database approximately every two weeks. 

These updates are enabled immediately and automatically.

Audials Music Streaming view

The so-called capture backend is a core component that ensures that Audials remains compatible with browsers and music streaming apps to record songs within them. However, music streaming services and web browsers are changing constantly. In these cases, a new version of the capture backend is needed for Audials to remain compatible. This is provided by Audials as part of the service. 

The capture backend is updated automatically in the background during the next start. Audials displays a note in the footer. 

Audials Video Streaming view

  • Continuous updating of the configured video streaming services recording components

Video streaming is a very complex task. Audials contains a highly optimized recording core that can store video streams right from your graphics card in the highest quality. Whenever video streaming services change or web browsers are updated or operating system or major video card drivers are changed - which happens frequently - it may be necessary to change the Audials video capture core to continue to provide optimal performance. This is included in the Audials services.


  • Adding new video streaming services and their continuous configuration and updating

It may also be the case that new video services become popular. If that is the case, Audials will also provide an update and offer a tile to optimally record such services. 

These updates for video streaming are installed in the background and are carried out during the next restart - Audials will indicate this in the footer. Users are not required to do anything.

Audials Podcasts view

Podcast episodes are constantly changing, and Audials is continually finding new episodes. In addition, new podcasts are added or podcasts go offline. For this purpose, Audials offers regular updates of the podcast catalog about every two weeks. 

These updates are enabled immediately and automatically.

Audials TV view

Media libraries are constantly publishing new content, which is why the Audials catalog of all TV shows is constantly updated. But there are also new programs, or even new TV channels. An update will also be provided in this case, of course. The live streams are regularly reviewed and updated.

These updates are enabled immediately and automatically.

Updating and Bug Fixes for all Other Views of the Audials Editions

Occasionally, there are improvements that cannot be automatically made available with the update mechanisms described above. These can be bug fixes, improvements, adjustments to new Windows updates, and many other scenarios.

These updates are offered via the update button and executed at the click of the user, as these take a few seconds and require a reboot. This way they can be carried out whenever convenient for the user.

About update info

Free Personal Support Included in the Purchase Price According to the Aforementioned Time Frame

Audials AG offers online support at its own expense. The Audials support team can help you get the most out of your Audials. 

FAQ and Knowledge Base

The support area offers numerous articles. These are created by the support team based on their experience with the users and updated continuously for you.

To the Audials knowledge base

Direct Personal Contact

Audials AG does not offer telephone support, but you can contact the Audials support team directly online with any questions you may have. We will do our best to help you!

To the Audials support team

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