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Audials One and Audials Radiotracker—The perfect podcatchers for unlimited entertainment

Lots more functions and much better than freeware and podcasts from Apple iTunes!

The Audials full-text search searches through the content of 60,000 programs with just one click. You get a selection of the best podcasts for a topic or search term in the blink of an eye. You can view or listen to the program straight away by clicking on it. All you have to do is click and Audials downloads the podcast for you immediately in the right file format for all your devices. In comparison with Apple iTunes, you can find more podcasts that could be interesting to you much more easily and quickly using Audials. Audials in 120sec

Podcast entertainment for free

Podcasts are audio and video entertainment programs. You can subscribe to them for free, and Audials will automatically download new episodes for you as soon as they are published. Thanks to the extremely broad range of podcasts on any conceivable topic, amusing entertainment and a high level of information are guaranteed.

60,000 of the best podcasts—hundreds of thousands of episodes

In addition to thousands upon thousands of funny private podcasts on every possible theme, Audials also brings you (independent from the first broadcast) interesting news reports and valuable information from professional broadcasters including:

Top Podcasts
This American LifeFreakonomics RadioESPN: Fantasy UndergroundWNYC's Radiolab
NPR Programs: Wait, wait...Don't tell me!Stuff You Should KnowThe Moth PodcastThe Adam Carolla Show
Stuff You Missed in History ClassNPR: Planet MoneyThe Joe Rogan ExperienceReal Time with Bill Maher
TEDTalksTiesto's Club LifeHere's The ThingRooster Teeth

Always up-to-date

Audials comes with one of the largest podcast directories on the market—and perhaps the largest in the world integrated into a Windows application. The directory, which is automatically self-updating, offers convenient functions for locating free podcasts by keyword, name, theme and language.

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Once you've subscribed, Audials automatically downloads every new episode for you. Downloaded video podcast episodes can even be converted for playback on mobile devices—into MP4 files, for example. And here’s the kicker: When you subscribe to a podcast, all of its episodes can be immediately streamed to your browser at the same time. Audials thus gives you instant, simultaneous access to all of the episodes of a podcast.

Audials: More extras than you can shake a stick at

Synchronize your music, audio books and videos between your PC and attached mobile devices like MP3 players, USB sticks and mobile phones. With Audials, it’s intuitive and easy. Burn multiple CDs in different formats: Audio CDs for all of today's auto radios, MP3 CDs for MP3-capable CD drives and auto radios, and even MP3 DVDs for DVD recorders and for Sony PlayStations. Audials can even automatically distribute audio tracks across multiple CDs as needed.