Did you record a vacation video with a camera or your smartphone and only now realize that it looks blurry on large screens? Or do you have movies that you would like to get in higher resolution? Unfortunately, you can't turn back time to make the recording with better equipment. However, there are now online AI video enhancers that can fix the imperfections of your footage using AI. If you are wondering which of the numerous applications is the best, you are in the right place! Here we introduce the best ones and show an alternative in case you are not interested in an online application.

Audials Vision – Best Online AI Video Enhancer

Best AI Video Enhancer Tool

With Audials Vision for Windows, you can AI improve the quality of your videos easily without worrying about credits or monthly limitations. Upscale footage up to 4K, remove noise, improve resolution, increase framerate for smooth movements up to 100 fps, turn videos into slow motions. 

Basically, there are two ways how you can improve your videos with AI: 

1. Using an online AI video enhancer

The positive aspect of an online AI video enhancer is that you don't depend on the power of your PC for this task. A video consists of thousands of frames and some computers won't cope with AI improvements without problems. But, you will need a stable internet connection for a successful processing. If this fails, it will depend on the provider's decision whether the will give the credits you used. 

The credits and payment is also an important aspect of an online video enhancer. Usually online video enhancers are available as a monthly or yearly subscribers and often the number or length the videos that you improve per month is limited. Other online video enhancers also have a "payment as you go" model so that you can buy credits without a subscription. So possibly you decide to subscribe and notice in the middle of the month that you have run out of credits, that means that you will have to wait until the beginning of the nest month or upgrade the subscription. However, if processing private videos, you should be aware that you are uploading intimate insights on a web page where the protection of your data is o ut of your personal control.

2. Using an AI video enhancer software

Alternatively, there are many AI video enhancer applications that can be installed on the PC. Like this, you won't depend on your internet connection and improve as many videos as you like. You don't need to subscribe  or think about credits, just pay once and use the software whenever you want. The downsinde of this is that there could be some limitations because of low PC power and enhancing long videos could take dozens of hours and even days. 

What features should a good application have, whether it is an online video enhancer or a software?

A good application should enhance the video both in terms of the frame and over time.

Who likes watching blurry videos? A good video should be rich in detail so that viewers can optimally follow the action and immerse themselves in the story. If faces or other details of the landscape, furniture, etc., are difficult to recognize, the video brings no joy, and you hit the stop button. Therefore, the AI should learn a lot from actual video material and be precise in supplementing and improving all the minutiae.

But what good is a sharp and clear image if the video freezes, stutters, and jerks during playback? Then it becomes difficult to follow the events in the video. Therefore, the frames should transition smoothly, and movements should be fluid so that you can also recognize the people or objects that are moving. For this, a sufficient frame rate, i.e., the number of frames per second, is essential. For a video at normal speed, it should be at least 24 frames per second; slow-motion videos need at least twice as much. If your video stutters, the AI should be able to calculate what the missing frames would look like through frame interpolation and insert them into your video. Also, when converting a video into slow motion, a sufficiently high frame rate is important, otherwise the video appears like a slideshow.

For the two mentioned use cases of sharpening and frame interpolation, the application should have various AI models. Perhaps you want your video to look as perfect as possible, thus more beautiful than the real world. In another case, you might want the video not to look too smooth and perfect, but rather realistic. Or you might want to improve your video as quickly as possible, then you need a fast AI model. The genre also plays a role, as a feature film poses very different demands on AI compared to a comic.

However, the more options you have, the more complex the application becomes, and the more thoroughly you should check all settings before starting to ensure everything is right in the end. Also, particularly detailed and powerful AI models can prolong the process.

A List of the Best Online AI Video Enhancers for Windows 11 and 10

Learn here which online AI video enhancers can increase the quality of your videos.

The top online AI video enhancers for Windows

1. Coutout.pro 

Cutout.pro is an online AI video enhancer that increases video resolution, removes interlacing, stabilizes shaking or improves with videos with a lot of motion. You only need to upload your video on the Cutout.pro website to get the enhanced version of your video in the MP4 format. Cutout.pro supports videos in MP4, WEBM, MOV and GIF formats. The file size should be not more than 2GB. Cutout.pro supports framerates of maximum 30 frames per second, that could be not sufficient for slow motions. The powerful tool optimizes the resolution up to 4K. However, please note that improving an entire movie of 2 hours will cost $599. This is rather expensive for video entertainment lovers.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Upscaling up to 4K
  • Stabilizes shaking
  • Interpolates motion of slow motions
  • Maximum framerate 30 fps


  • Very expensive because you have to pay for each video
  • Only MP4 output format
  • You depend on the quality of your internet connection
  • As it is an online tool, that raises the question whether you trust that your data is protected.

2. Vmake 

For those who do not want to worry about which settings are best for an AI video enhancer, Vmake might be worth a try. All you need to do is upload your video to the Vmake platform. The AI of Vmake will automatically select the ideal sharpness, brightness, and saturation. Afterwards, you can export the video in your desired file format.

The online tool is available as a subscription and as a free trial version. It is not entirely clear whether the AI functions are included in the trial version. With the subscription, you purchase a certain amount of credits and can use the tool until the credits are used up. The price list does not specify what a credit includes.

The extreme simplicity of use can be a problem for those who, for example, want to improve all the offered parameters except one, such as saturation. In that case, it would be better to look for a different tool with more settings options.


  • Fully automatic - The tool adjusts all settings like contrast, sharpness, saturation
  • Supports up to 30 fps


  • Those who want to more precisely preset the AI enhancement should look for a different tool
  • Unclear what a credit includes
  • You depend on your internet connection
  • As it is an online tool, that raises the question whether you trust that your data is protected.

3. TensorPix

TensorPix is an online AI video enhancer that leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to improve video quality. One of its key features is the ability to enhance videos, enhancing resolution and clarity, making it ideal for rejuvenating older or low-quality footage. The tool is adept at reducing noise and artifacts, resulting in smoother, cleaner video output. Another significant feature is its color correction capability, which can automatically adjust and enhance colors in videos, making them more vibrant and true-to-life. Additionally, Tensorpix supports various video formats, offering versatility in its use.

However, there are some disadvantages to consider.The time taken for processing can be relatively long, which might not be ideal for users needing quick results. Furthermore, as an online tool, it requires a stable internet connection, and large video files may pose challenges in uploading and downloading. You have to be careful with the amount and the lenght of your videos because you can only buy credits with your monthly subscription. With $11 per month, you get 25 credits, that means that you can improve 51 minutes of a 720p video in a month. For $61 per month, you will get 310 minutes per month. 


  • Make blurry videos clearer, remove artifacts
  • Optimize low-resolution videos up to 4K
  • Increase framerate
  • Create slow motion videos
  • Remove color shifts
  • Supports max. 60 fps


  • Payment model with credits
  • Takes a long time
  • Stable internet connection required
  • As it is an online tool, that raises the question whether you trust that your data is protected.

4. Media.io

The Media.io online AI video enhancer features a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible for both beginners and experienced users. Its straightforward navigation allows for easy uploading, enhancing, and downloading of videos. The platform utilizes advanced AI algorithms to enhance video quality, which can include improving resolution, sharpening details, and enhancing color and brightness, making old or low-quality videos look better.
Being a web-based tool, Media.io is easily accessible from any device with an internet connection, eliminating the need to download and install software.

Beyond video enhancement, Media.io offers a suite of editing tools, allowing users to trim, crop, rotate, and apply effects to their videos, making it a comprehensive video editing solution.

As an online tool, Media.io requires a stable internet connection for uploading and processing videos, which can be a limitation for users with slow or unreliable connections.

Uploading videos to an online service raises questions about data privacy and security. Users need to be comfortable with Media.io's privacy policies and the security of their uploaded content.

Media.io offers the credit payment model, that means that you can buy credits by subscribing or by paying as you go. If you need to improve a video of 120 minutes, you will need to pay $139.90 per month. A credits purchase for 120 minutes without subscription costs $479.90.


  • Good usability
  • Enhances video quality, resolution, colors...
  • Available as software and as online version
  • Editing features


  • Privacy concerns of online uploads
  • Internet dependency
  • Could be too expensive for entire movies
  • No frame interpolation

5. Neural.love

The online AI video enhancer Neural.love offers several AI-driven online tools to improve images, audio and videos and one of them is the AI online upscaling feature. The only thing you have to do is upload your video on this page.

With the monthly subscription, you will get 300 credits to be able to optimize a 3-minute video. Further 300 credits can be bought for $57. Hence it seems that Neural.love is rather designed for short video clips. 

Besides videos, Neural.love has further AI tools, for example the Free AI Art Generator or a generator for avatars.


  • Good to optimize short videos
  • Increases resolution up to 4K
  • Maximum 120 fps


  • Subscription not sufficient for movies or series 
  • Expensive
  • You depend on the quality of your internet connection
  • As it is an online tool, that raises the question whether you trust that your data is protected.

6. Flixier

Flixier is an online AI video upscaling tool with a wider range of options. After you have clicked the Choose a video button on flixier.com, the AI enhancer opens. It looks like an installed software application where you can import your video and change brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and gamma, add filters and effects. If needed, you can cut your video, add texts, generate, translate or edit subtitles, make videos faster or slower, and many more. A registration is not needed to try Flixier. You can use it for free. However, the free version can be used for 10 minutes per month and the video resolution will be 720p. With Flixier Pro for $14 per month, you can optimize maximum 300 minutes of Full HD video content per month, that is sufficient for three movies. If you need to edit 10 hours per month and 4K resolution, you will need the Flixier Business account for $23 per month.


  • Installing software not required
  • Many additional editing options
  • Enhance videos to 4K resolution


  • The free account is not even sufficient for a series episode.
  • A subscription is sufficient for maximum five films that have a duration of 2 hours.
  • Dependency on the internet connection
  • As it is an online tool, that raises the question whether you trust that your data is protected.

7. CapCut

With CapCut, you can easily enhance videos up to 4K without paying anything and without a registration. You will only need a few steps, and it is as simple as possible. That means that you won't have any settings to choose besides the desired video resolution. Hence the user cannot choose the AI model.

Besides the video enhancer, CapCut has further usefool free video tools like changing voices, adding effects and filters, a scene cutter and even an online video editor.


  • Free enhancer app
  • Increase video resolution up to 4K
  • Very easy usage


  • Minimum of settings
  • You depend on the stability of your internet connection.
  • As it is an online tool, that raises the question whether you trust that your data is protected.
  • No frame interpolation

8. Pixop

Pixop is an online AI video enhancer specified in optimizing video content mainly for media industry und professionals. It has 10 web apps or utilities for various tasks like deinterlacing, denoising, degraining, resolution upscaling up to 8K, and more. The price depends on the video length, the resolution and the utility. On the Pixop website, you can get a rough idea of the pricing. Like this, it will cost around $43 to apply the resolution utility of a 100 min video. With frame rate conversion, it will cost around $137.


  • Up to 8K resolution increase
  • Various further utilities for frame interpolation, denoising, etc.


  • You depend on the internet connection quality.
  • As it is an online tool, that raises the question whether you trust that your data is protected.
  • No framerate conversion at thos moment.

9. Vidnoz

You have a short video that needs a refresh? Then perhaps it's worth trying the Vidnoz AI Video Enhancer. That's a free online tool to improve video resolution to 4K. Don't forget that your video must not have a file size higher than 200 MB. That means that for movies or longer videos, you will have to look for a different application. 


  • Upscale videos easily to 4K online


  • You depend on the quality of your internet connection
  • supports maximum 200 MB file sizes
  • As it is an online tool, that raises the question whether you trust that your data is protected.
  • No frame interpolation.

10. HitPaw Online AI Video Enhancer

HitPaw Online AI Video Enhancer is a free tool to improve video resolution online. As it is a free version of a paid online tool, you will have limited features, for example, the free tool doesn't have all AI models, all video output resolutions and all video output formats. The free AI video enhancer gives you an impression of the paid version. 


  • Upscale video to 4K online


  • You depend on the quality of your internet connection
  • lacks some video output formats, AI models and video resolutions of the paif version
  • As it is an online tool, that raises the question whether you trust that your data is protected.
  • No frame interpolation

11. Pikavue

The interesting thing of Pikavue is that it not only handles videos but also images. That enables you to improve your entire media collection, both videos and photos.


  • 4K online AI video enhancer for videos
  • Upscale photos, graphics, images


  • You depend on the quality of your internet connection
  • As it is an online tool, that raises the question whether you trust that your data is protected.
  • Free version has a limit of 5 videos and images per day
  • You have to contact Pikavue to know the price of the full version.
  • No frame interpolation

12. Remini

The online AI video enhancer by Remini increases the resolution and clarity of your videos. The good thing is that Remini also upscales photos and even enables you to create images of yourself with the help of AI. 

It is not ideal that on the website you don't find prices. Perhaps they are different for each online app user because the Remini support wrote in an article that prices vary in the Remini mobile app individually.


  • Upscale videos
  • Optimize images
  • Generate individual photos


  • Intransparent pricing
  • As it is an online tool, that raises the question whether you trust that your data is protected.

13. HDConvert.com

HDConvert is an online tool that combines the video enhancement with converting into a different file format. It supports many common video formats like MP4, MOV and others and upscales videos to 1080p, 4K and even to 8K. 

A positive aspect is that you have control of the price as there is the option to choose a defined monthly, weekly or yearly price. 


  • Increase resolution to 8K
  • Convert videos
  • Customer can control the price


  • As it is an online tool, that raises the question whether you trust that your data is protected.
  • No frame interpolation

Last but not least, we would like to present you an AI video enhancer application that is not an online AI video enhancer: Audials Vision.

14. Audials Vision

Audials Vision is an easy-to-use AI video enhancer software for Windows that makes videos seem sharper, interpolates the framerate and lets movements appear smoother, creates silky-smooth slow motions and turn your video into a visual masterpiece with more contrast and gorgeous colors.

Audials Vision increases the resolution up to 4K, removes noise, and lets appears them sharp even on large displays. If you want to get the improved video as fast as possible, upscale a comic or a feature film, you will have a suitable AI for all of these needs. You can optimize the video quality additionally by activating the face restoration so that you'll see the character's face even clearer. 

If your video is jerky, possible its framerate is not high enough. With the frame interpolation of Audials Vision, you can increase the framerate at up to 100 fps. Your video needs to be turned into a slow motion? You can easily get a smooth slow motion with a speed ranging from 10% to 75% compared to the original speed. 

Cut and crop your footage, convert it, add subtitles in any language, and get the final improved video in one of common formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, WEBM, WMV. The spoken words in the video have low volume and the background noise is too loud? You'll geet the problem under control with speech boost. All in all, Audials Vision has all you need to turn your videos into professional-looking high-quality entertainment.

Please note that video processing could take a long time depending on the PC. Check all settings before starting the AI enhancement. 


  • Get sharper videos and increase resolution up to 4K
  • 15 AI models for resolution increase and frame interpolation
  • Face restoration and enhancement
  • Frame interpolation with support of up to 100 fps
  • Create smooth slow motions or speed up videos
  • Multiple video output formats
  • Stop and continue the enhancing process at any time, even after PC restart
  • Improve several things in one video, improve several videos in a queue
  • Video editor


  • Requires a lot of PC computing power
  • Checking all settings thoroughly needed so that the result is Exactly the same you need

Need more features? Audials One Ultra additionally records music streaming, video streaming and more.

Interested in comparing more AI video enhancers for PC?

with 14 day money-back guarantee if you don't like it

The best online AI video enhancers and AI upscalers

Comparison of the Best Online AI Video Enhancer Software

Here you have an overview of the online AI video enhancer tools presented on this page:

 Audials VisionTensorPixMedia.ioVmakeCutout.proFlixierCapCutNeural.lovePixopVidnozHitPawPikavueReminiHDconvert
Typesoftwareonline toolonline/softwareonline toolonline toolonline toolonline toolonline toolonline toolonline toolonline toolonline toolonline toolonline tool
Operating SystemWindowsanysoftware: WindowsanyanyWindows/Macanyanyanyanyanyanyanyany
Upscaling to4K4K4K4K4K4K4K4K8K4K4K4K?8K
Supported framerate100 fps60 fps-30 fps30 fps--120 fps------
Price$49.90depends on credits amountdepends on credits amountdepends on credits amount$599 for 120 minutesfree or $11 monthly for 300 minutesfree$30 per month for 3 minutesdepends on settingsfreefreeunknownvaries individually$119.90 yearly

Result: Audials Vision is the best AI to enhance videos

There are now many powerful online AI video enhancers, but their disadvantage is that they are available on a subscription basis, and in some cases the price also depends on the length of the video. Therefore, a software application like Audials Movie is most recommended for movie lovers with a large video collection. Audials Vision has the advantage that it offers many functions at an affordable price. You can use it to improve the video resolution, create slow motion or time lapse, apply frame interpolation, get HDR colors and have other options for editing and converting your video. No matter what the videos are, you can breathe new life into them and turn them into entertainment at the highest level.


Below, you see on the left size the original face and on the right the face restoration result achieved by Audials Vision: 


Try demo or buy Audials Vision with a 14 day money-back guarantee

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