Audials Play


Find the right stations

Listen to your radio stations from the Audials app on your PC too. Find all of the world’s more than 100,000 radio stations according to genre or language and choose your favorite! Check to see what is currently being played and whether or not the station plays adverts. Explore genres, countries and stations near to you, and enjoy station recommendations too! Filter according to streaming quality.


Fill up your smartphone

Fill up your Android smartphone with all your favorite music using the convenient copy mode. Or simply use the Audials App to transfer music to your phone wirelessly!

You can also save your music to Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and other cloud storages. This way, you can play your music wherever you are!


Millions of podcasts

Audials gives you access to all the audio and video podcasts in the world with millions of episodes that are categorized according to language, entertainment, sports, science and culture etc. 





Enjoy your music

Simply create your own playlists and enjoy all your favorite tracks using the visually appealing player. Lyrics and cover artwork will be added to your music.


Extra functions:

  • PowerSearch function
  • Intelligent music manager
  • Equalizer
  • Create your own ringtones
  • Burn CDs
  • Powerful tag editor
  • and so much more...

Search Spotify, Amazon & Co.

Search for content on streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, Vimeo and more all at once! Audials can find any track in the world, carefully organized according to artist or album. 



Live TV and music TV

Audials Play gives you access to hundreds of Live TV and music channels from all around the world, including all the major TV channels.

Watch TV either in full screen mode or on a smaller window. You can add your favorite channels to your list of favorites, enabling you to watch them whenever you wish in just a click.



Get to know the PC software now!

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