Audials Apps Overview

Audials Radio App are available as Free- and Pro-Editions

Audials Apps will entertain you on PC, Smartphone and Tablet with Internetradios, Music and Podcasts

Audials Radio Apps as a free player and recorder for Android and iOS

Audials Radio Free app for Android

Audials Radio Pro app for Android

Audials Radio Free app for iOS

Audials apps in the Windows Store

Audials Radio Free app for Windows 10

Audials Music Zoom Free app for Windows 10

Audials Radio App Features at a Glance

For what is your Smartphone & Tablet good for? Check it out!

  Audials Windows App Audials AndroidAudials iPhone iPadAudials Live
Listen to Radios
Record Radio streams ja_image.png 
Save Music from Radios as single files 
Define & manage favorite stationsja_image.pngja_image.png
Player & Media-Manager
Music Equalizer   
Apple AirPlay  
Google Chromecast   
Mobile Access to Home Media Collection   
Podcasts Audio-on-demand
Podcasts Video-on-demand
Radio Wake Up Timer   
Radio Sleep Timer  


Further information about Audials Software for Windows Computers