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New! Audials Informer March 2019

The winter will come to an end soon and we would like to offer you the most exclusive entertainment again. You can relax and lean back while we are showing you what is new in the world of music and films. By the way, we have a new topic in our Informer: It is the Audials Tip of the month. 

Brand New

Keep up-to-date which chart hits are brand new. You can simply look up here: Audials Brand New playlist

Audials Music Charts

The Audials Music Charts offer you a selection of ten of the best songs in various genres. 

The Recent Series and Movies

Dear Netflix and Amazon fans, we have created a selection of the best movies and series recently added by that streaming services here: Audials Movies and Soundtracks

Audials Moods

Audials Moods will let you relax and be in a good mood. 

Independent Music

The Independent Hits of the Month are dedicated to those who already know the other genres and search for an alternative.

Audials Podcast of the Month

Audials makes available a huge amount of podcasts. If you do not know which of them you should choose, just follow this link: Audials Podcast of the Month

Audials Lyrics

Which lyrics is so unusual that it is worth studying it? You will learn it here: Audials Lyrics


Which of the artists had their birthdays in February? Shakira, Robbie Williams, Rihanna and James Blunt. You will find a short biography of all of them in Tribute

Tip of the Month

We will publish our Tip of the Month in the future to ensure that you use the Audials software in an optimal manner. We will post the Tip of the Month on our Facebook channel. 

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