Record & Explore new Music Styles & Genres with Audials Radio & Audials One

Stream, Download and Save Music from your favourite artists by Genre

With Audials Radio and Audials One you get access to a big amount of genres from all kind of music. As soon as you have chosen your favourite genre you can start mass recording and Audials records your desired music from the best radio stations.

Get to know new Music Genres and Artists with Audials Radio!

Audials Radio is perfect for everyone who loves radio. You can listen to thousands of radio stations and record them. Besides the selection of countries, top hits and top artists, you have the possibility to choose your favourite music directly from one of the many genres Audials has to offer. You can then choose your desired station, listen to it, record it or capture as many songs as you like from a specific style of music.

Record internet radio stations

Record Music Genres with Audials One

Besides many other functions Audials One also offers the perfect selection of radio stations to let you easily find the genre with your favourite music. No matter if rock music, folk, country or house music - with Audials you can not only listen to your desired artists but also get to know new music from hip bands and artists. You can capture this music via the Audials radio recorder and by that listen to it whenever you want!

Explore different Music Genres and find new Music

On the following sites you can find a short overview and interesting information about the most important music genres:

Listen to and record more than 100,000 radio stations and millions of podcast episodes with Audials Radio. Listen to and record country music

Get all Audials Radio features with Audials One + record music streaming + record video streaming. Listen to and record country music

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