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All revolutionary features

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Discover a world full of sound: Radio in a new dimension

High-precision radio recording

The improved recording offers a higher cutting quality and finds the matching lyrics, cover images and song descriptions more reliably than ever before, so you can enjoy your favorite radio shows and music pieces in the best possible sound quality, no matter if it's live shows, concerts or music pieces.

With a user-friendly operation, you can record your radio shows according to your preferences. The wish list, which finds your favorite music from all radio stations in the world, has also been strengthened.


Discover the musical diversity

With the improved station catalog, you get an even more comprehensive selection of radio stations for the best listening pleasure. Only Audials knows almost every station worldwide. Find what you're looking for quickly thanks to matching logos of all stations, an expanded station selection and an improved sorting.

All cover images and lyrics

The revised cover and lyric search engine offers you an impressive improvement in finding visual and textual additions to your music files.

Audials Radio 2024 presents an optimized search function that delivers even more precise results and offers a wider selection of album covers and accurate lyrics.

Through the seamless integration of this improved search engine, organizing and upgrading your music collection becomes a effortless task.


Be entertained in the car and on the go

Make your drive a sound experience

The perfect support to enjoy your radios and podcasts in the car as well!

Audials has conquered the automotive industry and is integrated directly into many modern cars as a streaming web radio service. Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley and Lamborghini rely on Audials to always offer you the best entertainment.

Some models from Polestar, Chevrolet, Volvo already allow you to directly install an app in the car. Audials has developed the right app for Android Automotive so that you can fully exploit the musical potential of your car.

But don't worry if you own a different car! Audials won't let you down and offers you the option via the free Audials app on your smartphone. With Apple CarPlay for iPhone and Android Auto for Android smartphones, you can conveniently display Audials on the dashboard of your car.

Make every car ride a musical journey!

Perfect companion on the go

Ready for an exceptional listening experience? The revised radio app from Audials will make your musical heart beat faster. The Audials Play app has received an impressive facelift, with an optimized user interface and extended features that make listening and recording a real pleasure.

Synchronization with Audials Radio guarantees that you always have all radio stations on call and can wirelessly load your favorite music to your phone. Dive into a never-before-seen listening adventure and let the radio app from Audials become your loyal musical companion.


Excellent podcast experience


Millions of podcasts always up to date

Imagine a world where entertainment, knowledge and inspiration know no bounds. Welcome to Audials, your ticket to this world, packed with millions of podcasts just waiting to be discovered!

With Audials 2024, you have unlimited access to a boundless library of the most exciting, informative and inspiring podcasts from around the world. From humor to business, education, culture and more - whatever your passion, Audials 2024 has the perfect podcast for you.

Master of music organization

Music management redefined: Ideal layout for ultimate music enjoyment

Audials 2024 offers a completely new perspective that focuses on the essentials - your content. With the new Audials, everything is simpler, more logical, and adapts flexibly to any window size. Whether it's your personal music collection on mobile devices or the countless music tracks that can be downloaded to Audials with just one click, you have instant access to everything that matters to you.

Immerse yourself in the completely redesigned music view. Whether you're looking for albums, artists, genres, or playlists, the intelligent layout adapts to your needs and provides you with a crystal-clear and concise overview. Transform your music collection into an immersive experience that will captivate you.


Improved audio editor

The redesigned audio editor function in Audials One 2024 sets new standards for editing audio files. Users can look forward to a wide range of tools and features to precisely cut, professionally edit, and export interesting sections of audio files.

Even faster, even more music

Audials One 2024 continues to pave the way for a seamless and convenient music experience that adapts to user preferences.

With the help of "music wishes", users can simply specify the desired titles, albums, or artists. Audials then searches various sources to automatically find and download the desired music.

This helpful feature saves time and effort, while at the same time ensuring that the music collection is always up to date.


Efficient duplicate manager: organize and save space

With the improved duplicate manager, cleaning up is a pleasure. Experience how duplicate files are automatically merged and reveal the differences between the versions at a glance. Simply outstanding!

You will be able to easily decide which versions to keep and which to remove from your collection.


Conversion and improvement at the touch of a button

Master your music world like a pro! From now on, you have flexible control options that allow you to easily convert and normalize your tracks in the background.

The conversion function gives you the ability to convert your music into any desired audio format so you can enjoy it on all devices. At the same time, you can use the helpful normalization function to ensure that all tracks achieve a harmonious unity in volume - a guarantee for an incomparable listening experience that will captivate you.

More space for your media

Comprehensive display for an impressive experience

With Audials 2024, the media display in the user interface has been redesigned. The tabs and side columns have been arranged so that you always have everything in view and can find it immediately.

Your music is displayed more clearly and are more in focus!

Experience the new design and improved user interface that make Audials Radio 2024 a real pleasure.


Just enjoy music

Audials 2024 offers you the ideal tool in the right sidebar to get many new media files. But there are moments when you just want to relax with music. Now, thanks to the new mode without sidebar, you can enjoy your media in full screen.

Covers, lyrics at the click of a button

Audials 2024 reveals a new button in the player that shows you everything you need to know about the currently playing music track in the entire window. This way, you have direct access to all cover images or conveniently track lyrics.


Intelligent visualization of processes


Keep track of all progress

Audials now always shows you in the top right corner which media is currently being recorded or edited. This way, you stay in full control of what is currently landing on your hard drive.

When the files are finished, they remain in place so that you can use and enjoy them immediately.

Targeted settings

Now, the essential settings for creating new media files - including file formats, storage locations, and filter settings - are only displayed when you need them. This ensures that you always have all options available without irrelevant details distracting you from your current task.

Simple and powerful

Maximum performance for the ultimate user experience

Countless functions have been optimized for flawless speed and seamless operation, making everything run even faster and smoother. Audials uses the full power of your PC to provide you with an optimal user experience.


Brilliant new design

An exciting new design awaits you in Audials Radio 2024, which has been tastefully updated with colors, fonts, backgrounds, and layouts. Our talented designers have carefully designed every detail to ensure that Audials 2024 is not only functional but also visually appealing like never before.

Many interesting features await you. Check them out today with our free​​​​​ demo version! Get started right away without any risk. If you aren't happy with Audials, you will get your money back without any problems. For customers of older versions, we offer interesting upgrade discounts.

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