Find the radio station, record it and save the music

Audials offers the largest database of internet radio stations in the most important streaming formats (MP3, WMA, AAC) in a quality of up to 320 kBit/s. In addition to the most important radio stations, Audials also provides you with the most popular English stations: 106.7 LITE FM, 181.FM, ABC, The Beat LA, BBC, Beatles Radio, Black Gospel Network, Radio Caraibes, Christian Pirate Radio, Fresh FM, Hard Radio, The JOY, KEXP 90.3, KIIS 102.7, Kiss FM, KNKX, KOST 103.5, KTU, Now FM, Onda Cero, Undergroundradio, VirtualDJ, Vision 2000, WAQX, WCBS-FM, WPLJ, WUCF 89.9, Z-100 and a great deal of other regional stations. In just a simple click, you can play and record the lot!

The features described on this page are available in Audials One or Audials Radio.



Find, record, save, and convert music, movies, radio & more from streaming services


Find, record, save, convert radio & podcasts

As an alternative: Try the exciting radio and music manager features with the Audials Play freeware.

Huge amount of radio stations

100,000 internet radio stations +

As our database is always being automatically updated, you will always be kept up to date. The Audials radio database is organizied according to country, region, language, transmission quality and 120 genres.

All of the important radio streaming formats (MP3, WMA, AAC, Shoutcase, Icecast) can be used.


Enjoy radio

  • Frequently played artists displayed for every radio station including artist photo
  • Displays songs played on current station (playlist)
  • Option to open websites for every radio station
  • Social news (Facebook, Twitter) from radio stations and artists
  • Enjoy shows and podcasts related to radio stations
  • Automatic suggestion feature finds stations that match your personal music taste
    Location-based station navigation by countries, regions, cities or local radio stations
  • Stations that often play ads have an "Ads" flag
  • World’s largest database with more than 100,000 Internet radio stations
  • Display and filter based on editing quality, bitrate or stream type
  • Current songs and cover art displayed in all station lists
  • Station list view either with “live tiles” in various sizes or in list form
  • High-powered instant search function for radio stations by genre, country, artists played, stream quality
  • Top artists by genre deliver matching radio stations
  • Overview of “similar stations and matching categories” for every radio station

Audials records what you want

Fulfilling your music wishes

Another unique aspect is the fact that Audials is able to monitor up to 50,000 radio stations at once. Audials is the only software that is able to document the entire online radio program which enables it to direct you to the station that is playing the track you're looking for or that suits your taste in music best.

Simply make a list of songs or artists you want in Music -> Wish  and Audials will quickly find the right station to record from.


Audials Styles: Music according to your taste

  • Create as many favorite lists ("styles") as you want
  • That works for artist and radio stations
  • Get suggestions of further radio stations for each style
  • Directly navigate to radio stations playing your favorite artists
  • Add as many of your own radio stations as you like via URL
  • Conveniently edit favorite lists in sidebar via drag & drop
  • Pin various radio views to quickly navigate to your favorite categories
  • Synchronization of all favorites on smartphones/tablets via Audials apps
  • Blacklisting feature removes unwanted stations from view

Record individual songs

  • Make automatic and parallel mass recordings of numerous stations based on genre, country and artist
  • Automatic mass recording by genre (record matching stations + music filtering)
  • Recordings edited to the millisecond via PerfectRadio technology, fingerprint-based editing of individual songs
  • Display stations that do not require post-editing after recording (diamond stations)
  • Adjustable quality: only songs that meet your requirements for editing accuracy, bitrate etc. are saved
  • Timer for time-controlled radio recordings allows you to program unlimited recording sessions
  • Job function: assign track count and data quantity
  • Song history retroactively saves songs you have previously listened to
  • Search for songs in a playlist via “Music search”

Organize and finish songs fast & easily

Practical Music Manager

If you've recorded thousands of songs, it's likely that you'll want to keep your music collection tidy. This is what the PC tab in the Music section of Audials is for. Here you're able to see how many songs you already have from each artist. If you don't think you have enough songs, you can add the artist to your wish list to find more songs and albums. You can manually specify a genre for the entire music collection of a specific musician. This way you'll be able to see how strongly each genre is represented in your collection. 

With the music manager, you can rename as many songs at once or assign a different genre as you like. For example, have all alternative songs been accidentally saved as pop? Or should an artist be assigned to a certain genre? This can be corrected with just a few clicks in the context menu of the respective genre or artist or in the item display at the bottom right in Audials.


Automatically add finishing touches to your recordings

  • Internet meta-search automatically adds ID3 tags (like song title, artist, album, year) and cover art to radio recordings
  • Song lyrics automatically added by meta-search
  • Normalize the volume of all radio recordings to a uniform level
  • Fading features can be set at the end of recordings
  • High-performance editing enables fine-tuning of radio recordings
  • Automatic categorization of recordings by genre

Plenty of podcasts

Podcasts for Listening and Watching

Over one milion English-language and international podcasts with countless episodes are available to you at the click of a mouse in a database structured according to various criteria. Play, subscribe to or download podcasts directly.

Choose a genre and/or a country to discover new podcasts. Or are you looking for a specific podcast? Then type it in the search bar.


Listen to your music anywhere - for PC, Android, iPhone, Web

With Audials you always have access to your favourite radio stations wherever you are. With the Audials Radio App you can also access your internet radio stations on the go on your smartphones and tablets with the operating systems Android and iOS.

When it comes to radio recordings, the Android PRO version is on the same level as a PC. Audials Live works on any web browser without the app!


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