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Save Audio and Video with the Streaming Recorders in all Formats


Audials One and Audials Tunebite Platinum allow you to easily record and enjoy audio and video files on all devices.



Save Music, Movies or Series with the Streaming Recorders in all Desired Formats

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Audials One 2017 is the ideal software to "download, store and enjoy [media] wherever you want". Videos from "Amazon, Netflix etc." are simply saved and "any audio or video" is converted to "any format to listen or view it without problems". There are "dozens of solutions appear, but none have everything you need". Only Audials One has the full range of tools to make access to audio and video easy and enjoyable.


Listening to millions of songs via streaming is great. Getting music in MP3 legally on the hard drive of your PC and enjoying them on all devices increases the music experience even more. The audio and video streaming recorder Audials Tunebite Platinum "allows you to do just that". In contrast to free tools, streams are recorded in a clever way: "not only is a large file created, but titles are automatically separated and tagged with the correct tags". Audials Tunebite Platinum "makes [...] the most work for you". The recording of streams "works [...] not only with Spotify but generally with all audio sources".

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Are you looking for a "new and exciting way to enjoy tunes, albums, classics, and to discover more music to add to your collection?" Audials One can "satiate your appetite" for music, radio, podcasts and movies. The "award-winning software" allows you to record "top quality videos, films, TV series, music sites, radio stations, and podcasts". Moreover, it can "convert media from any source into easy to access files for your smartphone, computer, or tablet". So "if you love music, films, and podcasts then there really is no better option for you than Audials One 2017".


Audials One 2017 is "is designed to be used without any complexity and, practically, tells you, step by step, how you have to do everything you want". The built-in universal converter in the Audials software "allows you to transform audio and video from dozens of formats, including MP3, AAC, WMA, WMV, MP4, FLV, etc." So if you like to have your favorite music and films always "at hand for when you travel", Audials One is the perfect preparation.

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