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Audials Tips: How to Manage Videos Easily and Fulfill Music Wishes

Audials Newsletter June 2024

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Audials Newsletter June 2024

Are you familiar with the practical features of the new video manager? We will give you a brief introduction today. Additionally, this newsletter covers a music feature from Audials One that you might not have tried yet, namely the music wishes. You just need to create a list of songs you would like to get. When you activate it, Audials automatically searches for these tracks on the radio or in music streaming services and records them for you.

Our Tip: Manage Videos in Smart Way

In the new video manager of Audials 2024, you have an optimal overview of all movies, series, and video clips on your hard drive. If there is a video in multiple versions, for example, because you have upscaled it with AI, you will see all of them together with the original video under one cover image. For each version, Audials displays what has been changed.

Manage videos with Audials

Our Tip: Create and Fulfill a Music Wish List

In addition to recording music streaming from Spotify, Amazon Music etc. or from radio stations, Audials can also automatically record music wishes. Search for songs and albums, add them to the wish list and Audials will record them for you. 
Adding Wishes

1. Open the Music section and click the Wish tab. If you have not done so, activate Add so that you will be able to create a wish list.

2. Type your wish into the search box. For more inspiration, switch to the subtabs Tracks, Playlist & Compilations or Related Artists.

3. If you want to add a specific song or album to the list, select the desired item and click +. It will be marked with a magic wand icon and will appear on the list.

4. Repeat step 3 to add multiple wishes.

Fulfilling music wishes with Audials

Fulfilling Your Wish List

1. Click Activate list... next to the wish list.

2. Choose the desired settings to fulfill your wish list.

  • For example, should Audials record audio files or music videos?
  • Should Audials record from radio stations as soon as the song is played or from music websites?
  • How fast should the music be recorded?

3. Confirm the settings with Activate wish list.

Audials will fulfill your wishes as soon as they are available in the selected sources and records them. The progress of the recording can be tracked in the wish list or the lower part of the wish view. All recorded items will appear in the player in the upper right part of Audials.
Extra tip: Have your music wishes fulfilled in the background

You can activate the list even if you have not finished your wish list. Audials can search for music in the background while you are still adding more wishes.

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