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Audials is the ultimate software for lovers of music! Audials scans Spotify, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, video sharing websites, other music services and internet radio stations to provide you with your favourite music. In absolutely no time at all and in top quality, Audials saves large quantities of your favourite music to your library as MP3s, AACs or any other format. You can best experience the true musical power of Audials on your computer or on the apps for your smartphones or tablets.

You will get all music features with Audials One of Audials Music.



Finding, recording & converting music, radio, films, series from streaming services


Finding, recording & converting music from streaming services

Many recording sources

Recording music streams as files

Audials can scan and record music from Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, Amazon, Apple Music, Napster, video sharing websites and many other online sources. It does not matter whether you record form a web player or a PC software. Thanks to the fingerprint-based song recognition, Audials can save songs from almost any source as separate files. 

If a streaming service is not preconfigured as a tile in the Music Streaming view, you will be able to record it by clicking the Other Source button. 


Saving music fast and in top quality

You have the choice

Spotify, Tidal, Apple and Deezer stream your music at up to 320 kbps, and you can save it on your computer with no loss of quality in MP3, AAC or WMA format. 

Tidal also offers lossless coding and streams its content in HiFi quality at 44 kHz/16 bit or in master quality at 96 kHz/24 bit. This music can be saved in FLAC format or (for HiFi) in WAV format. Master quality is the highest quality available and allows you to enjoy music in studio quality. 

Benefit from the freedom of being able to record at any level of quality offered by the services!


Super Fast

Using its music map, Audials can access any online music source, enabling it to provide you with the latest charts or entire albums or discographies of your favourite artists in just a few seconds. It has direct access to the highest quality audio track of any music video which it can then download.

Spotify per Drag & Drop

Would you like to be able to access an abundance of music in no time at all? Then all you need to do is drag individual songs, playlists and albums from Spotify into Audials and click on the download button. This way you'll always receive perfectly trimmed music.

You can also add the song lists to your wish list and search for songs you like best. Discover similar music or different versions of the same song...from other sources as well.

Finding music

Audials Music Load

With Audials "MusicLoad", Audials scans Spotify, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, and video sharing websites. Simply select a song, album or artist and Audials will quickly and clearly present you all available versions, automatically suggesting the best version.

You can play the music directly or select it with one click and get your music immediately. You will be thrilled by how quickly and easily this works! You can type in artists, songs, charts and compilations etc. Then you can play them all, download them or add them to your playlist.


Music discovery

Find the right artists

Are you looking for a quick way to find artists similar to those you already know? Type the name of your favorite artist into the Music section and scroll down. You will find a list of suitable artists. If you need more releated search results, switch to the Related Artists tab on the right. 

Audials will now show you similar artists. Click on the ones that you're interested in and Audials will list their songs. This way you can complete your music collection as you wish.


Just rummage around

  • Display of best matching songs for artist, song, genre
  • Display of best matching artists for genre, artist example, song, radio station    
  • Audials Charts - regularly provided, hand-picked best-of lists
  • Direct search for artists, songs, compilations, music genres with intelligent suggestions    
    Discography by albums or top hits for convenient access    
    Supports compilations, samplers, and best-of albums (all songs are searched)
  • Create a playlist by entering the URL of a website that lists chart hits

Music according to your taste

  • Define several own music "Styles"
  • Narrow down by favoring example radio stations
  • Narrow down by favoring artists
  • Show radio station suggestions that match the style
  • Show music that matches the style (songs, artists, compilations)
  • Easy distinction with colors

Automatic music search

Bot Music Search

You determine your own style of music on Audials. You name Audials a couple of artists, bands or online radio stations that play your favorite music. Then you define the settings: for example, you might want 1,000 tracks with a well-balanced mix of music that best matches your style. Audials then instantly shows you a detailed overview of what your new music collection might look like. Click Create collection, and Audials will quickly provide you with the right music collection.

This feature is available in Audials One only.


Fulfill your Music Wishes

  • Wishlist (consisting of songs, albums, artists) are automatically filled in the background (added to the music collection)
  • Any number of wishlists can be defined and fulfilled simultaneously
  • Simultaneous web metasearch through all major portals such as video sharing websites, Soundcloud, Spotify or through tens of thousands radio stations
  • Optionally record only radio stations that offer perfect cut quality (no post-processing required)
  • Filter by audio file, music video, or karaoke
  • Identification of best studio version based on lexical analysis and comparison with discography database
  • Powerful filter prevents inadvertent recording
  • Precise job definition: Number of desired versions per song, artist, album, or overall, per data volume or time, number of simultaneous edits
  • Optional display and consideration of pre-existing versions of songs
  • Optionally load multiple versions of a song, show only the best version (duplicate management, see the media library), subsequent swapping if necessary

Editing and managing music files

Save a Spotify playlist

Audials imports playlists from Spotify or video sharing websites in the form of a link. Listen to the songs directly, rearrange them or remove songs you don't like. This way you can quickly turn playlists from music services into your very own custom Audials playlist consisting of perfectly trimmed music.


Tags, lyrics, cutting

  • Fading features can be set at the end of recordings
  • Automatically sets ID3 tags and album covers for recorded tracks
  • Song lyrics automatically added by meta-search
  • Automatic categorization of recordings by genre
  • Audials automatically reorganizes the music collection according to own or defined criteria
  • Powerful audio editor allows retroactive fine tuning of radio recordings
  • Normalization of all recordings for uniform volume
  • Powerful in-place editor allows convenient adding of additional tags, also during recording
  • Audials cuts the songs exactly so that editing later is not necessary

Enjoy Audials Music Everywhere

  • Audials has apps for the operating systems Android and iOS.
  • The mobile apps make it possible to listen to online radio stations and record them specifically.
  • With the Audials app and an internet connection you can transfer music from your Audials PC to mobile devices.
  • Comes with a function for burning CDs and DVDs.
  • Cloud-manager for Microsoft One Drive, Google Play, Dropbox, etc. 
  • Enables you to organize SD cards and USB sticks.

How can I record music from the streaming services?

Build your own music collection with the music & video recorder Audials One or the music recorder Audials Music

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