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get Music as finished MP3s free and legally

Audials Radiotracker is the beloved Classic among Internet Radio Tools. With the Music Search, Audials One and Audials Music Rocket offer even more for your Music Wishes.

Music as finished MP3s from Internet Radio Stations and Websites for free

Audials Radiotracker delivers Music by recording Internet Radio Stations. In addition, Audials One and Audials Music Rocket offer a Turbo Functionality for fulfilling Music Wishes.

Enter a Music Wish and Audials gives you your Music with a Click

The Audials software database puts browsing possibilities at your fingertips with 12,000,000 songs. You can comfortably navigate the massive database via song, artist and album name, or via other criteria. You have a huge selection of artists with 3,000,000 in the database. With just a single click you can specify singles, samplers, albums or entire discographies and bodies of work for a given artist. Then Audials goes to work and delivers you your tracks quickly.

Individual Hits, complete Albums, Samplers and all the Hits by the Stars

Put together a wishlist of artists, albums or individual songs. With the Audials Radio Network, Audials Radiotracker and Audials One monitor thousands of Internet radio stations. Audials begins recording as soon as one of the targeted songs is played by one of the monitored stations. It’s the definition of intelligent recording. But Audials can do more:

The Audials turbo function: Bundling the exclusive Music Search with targeted Radio Recordings.

Only Audials One and Audials Music Rocket have a music search functionality that can search for your music in the best and legal sources online. By bundling the music search with targeted recordings of Internet radio stations, Audials One and Audials Music Rocket are unbeatable when it comes to delivering lots of targeted music in the highest quality. Simply define music wishes and Audials immediately finds the Internet radio stations, video or music portals to keep you stocked with music. It gives you the current charts or even the entire discography of your favorite artist in no time at all. 

Audials Artist Directory Offers You a Whole World of Music

You can access the complete discographies of your favorite stars with all their hits and albums by, for example, entering the name of a band or by using a special category for the top artists of a specific genre. With hardly any effort at all, you can have Audials deliver you the entire life works of a particular musician. In order to get an album, you simply click on the on the image of the album you desire in the artist directory. In addition, Audials also offers chart hits and even samplers to choose from. And, of course, you can select individual tracks as well. With Autoupdate you will receive always the next boost of new music.

The described features of this website are part of:

Serving up every Version of a Song on a Silver Platter

With Audials, you can select the amount of the desired songs and even the number of versions. This gives you the music shop quality of up to 320 kBit/s for the studio versions of your favorite hits. But even rare live recordings from concerts, exclusive unplugged recordings or remixes are available with Audials. Only Audials offers the free, monthly chart service, Audials Notifer, which gives you the chance to import and record the hits most frequently downloaded by other users.

Lots of hits – for free. Audials records everything a genre has to offer

Just select a genre and Audials begins recording as many tracks from a given genre that your DSL connection allows. Audials simultaneously records your music from numerous matching radio stations to give you lots of tracks as free MP3s in no time at all.

Top Songs Feature for the Music Search

Tell Audials your music taste (by giving it a reference song, for example) and Top Songs will create a playlist of songs that match your taste via the music search. You can play and download the hits individually or get them all at once. And it works for music videos, too. This means you can get plenty of new music from Audials in a matter of minutes. Top Songs also works if you select a specific genre or artist. 

Climbers, Popular Tracks or Evergreens? You Decide!

You can decide whether you want the latest hits, popular tracks or evergreens from a particular genre. You can also narrow your selection even further by specifying the release year.

What's Better than the Audials Charts? Even More Audials Charts!

The new software brings you the latest monthly Audials charts as well as all of the past charts for free, with 80 more added every month! This means plenty of top 10 hits from the rock charts, US music video charts, pop music charts, dance charts, US single charts, and 80s charts are now available at the push of a button as well as newcomer recommendations from Audials. With all of this music, you'll never be bored again!

Wishlists in the Audials Community

Audials lets you create your own wishlists, which you can then upload to the community for others. Conversely, you can import others’ wishlists to discover something new. However, Audials does not let you share music. The Audials Community solely serves to exchange information on songs and not the tracks themselves.

More Music Sources via user Plugins

Audials One offers additional possibilities of locating additional sources of music via its open plugin interface. Within the Audials forum users can make such plugins available. You can also import the search plugins directly in the software. With the plugins and even more sources for your search, Audials One helps you find your favorite albums or hits from the current charts.

Perfect Music Shop Quality

Online shops specializing in music downloads offer songs as WMA or MP3 files at a typical quality of 192 kBit/s. Audials Software offers quality of up to 320 kBit/s for Internet radio stations, giving you recorded MP3 tracks in the same or superior quality that online shops offer for music downloads. Simultaneously the adjustable minimum bitrate ensures that only those radio stations will be recorded that fulfill the minimum criteria.

Normalization, Fading and ID3 Tags

Audials Software finishes off recorded tracks with uniform volume normalization. You can even adjust the fading at the beginning and end of the recording to suit your personal preferences. All available ID3 tags, album artwork and song lyrics are added automatically.
Then the ID3-Tag Editor lets you post-edit ID3 tags and lyrics individually. 

Test all the Audials radio functions in Radiotracker with Audials One

Test, download and install the Audials One demo without registering, free and with no strings attached. The demo gives you all the radio functions in Audials Radiotracker, as well as all the other highlights in Audials One. If you’re not satisfied, simply uninstall the demo.

What is the right choice for me?

Since 2005, Audials Radiotracker has been the go-to software for users looking to listen to and automatically record their favorite radio stations for free and completely legal. Audials One offers all the functions of Audials Radiotracker, but also offers the exclusive music search and clustered Internet radio recorder to deliver music incredibly fast. Furthermore, Audials One is the undisputed champ with its Stream Recorder and Universal Recorder for any kind of entertainment media.