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New! Audials Informer Newsletter


New Audials music and movie charts. Part 2 of Converter 1x1: audio formats. Workshop Streaming Total Part 2: Audio. Audials Android Free as Give Away of the Month.

Audials Informer Newsletter - Issue February 2014


Audials Charts with music and movies. Hot: Audials software update & customer survey. Streaming workshops for audio & video. Small converter 1x1. Give Away of the Month: Nero MediaHome.

CHIP gives Audials One 11 an A!


German computer trade publication CHIP gave Audials One 11 the grade of A in its 03/2014 issue, calling it ‘The all-around recorder.’

Audials Informer Newsletter - Issue January 2014


New Audials charts with music and movies. Audials autoplay turns your music search into a radio station. The new smartphone app manages your clouds. Even without your own Windows computer Audials delivers top-notch entertainment with radio stations. Plus protection software from Kaspersky as Give Away of the Month!

Audials Wins 2 Software of the Year Awards for 2013!


Audials One and Audials Moviebox were both voted Software of the Year by customers and visitors to German software portal Softwareload. We’d like to say thanks to all of you!

Audials Informer Newsletter - Issue December 2013


New Audials Charts with music and movies. Free software from Steganos. Unveiling the Music Universe. How to use Audials Anywhere.

Audials AG releases Generation 11: the latest features include the Music Universe and brand new streaming functions


Audials AG has just released Generation 11 of its successful Audials Software on Audials.com. In addition to the numerous optimizations compared to previous generations, Gen 11 promises to be better than ever thanks to the brand new Music Universe feature and the revamped streaming recording.

Audials Informer Newsletter - Initial Issue November 2013


Informer delivers the latest Audials Charts with importable wishlists, hooks you up with tips & tricks on how to get more from your Audials Software and apps, while also giving you the lowdown on the latest news for music & videos.

Audials-in-120-Seconds-Videos (Audials Generation 10)


In only 120 seconds you can view the features of the core functions of Audials Windows software.

USA TODAY and About.com love the features of Audials Radio for Apple iOS


The well-known news platforms USA TODAY and About.com tested the Audials Radio app for Apple iOS and liked it a lot. Additionally bloggers and YouTubers reviewed the app and came to the same conclusion.

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