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Discover Music with Audials Music Zoom in a New Way

Audials Music Zoom for Free

The Audials freeware Music Zoom acts as a meta search engine to find music as well as music videos of all artists and to listen to the entire discography.

Universe of Genres

The universe of genres is formed using artificial intelligence and allows you to zoom deeper into the genre and discover new artist names with images.

Music from Numerous Platforms

Audials Music Zoom uses songs from YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Veoh to play all available tracks in the best quality with just one click.

Find and Enjoy Music more Easily

Either you "fly" through the universe to genres and musicians by zooming in and out to discover ever new tracks or you type in specific names in the direct search and go to the respective artist.

Recently, an Improved Version of the Free Audials Music Zoom has been Released

Get the new version of Audials Music Zoom from the Microsoft Store.


The following new features make the usage of Audials Music Zoom even easier:

- Significantly improved visualization: there are fewer empty or crowded areas. This makes browsing much more enjoyable

- A regulator allows to see few or many artists, depending on preference or situation

- A better, more uniform color design ensures a more differentiated visual appearance

- Numerous smaller usability optimizations that improve usage and make it more enjoyable.




Download now the improved Music Zoom from the Microsoft Store and start right away!

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