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Bloggers Report on Tunebite Premium and Music Zoom

Not only does Audials have the world's only Spotify 10x speed recorder, it also has an extensive music universe, Music Zoom, which features more than 300,000 artists using Artificial Intelligence.

The feature has recently been added to Audials Tunebite Platinum, Premium and, of course, Audials One: a high-speed Spotify recorder. By setting the tick in the mini-window, you can now record two playlists at five times the speed. How do Blogger rate the function? You can see that in the following excerpts of their articles.

Current trends

Audials Tunebite Premium is an audio streaming recorder for music and audiobooks from platforms such as "Deezer, Spotify, Google Play Music" etc. There are many competing offers, but even though Audials Tunebite uses "the same recording method as Audacity, it is characterized by its automation from tasks". What the blogger means by this is described below: "In fact, the software automatically cuts the pieces based on the information given by the website of the audio source (Deezer, Spotify, etc.), adds album art and the name of the song. It is also possible to convert files to almost any format".


It is mentioned in an article that Audials Tunebite Premium "stores local streams like Spotify or Deezer". Programs like Audials Tunebite "record the audio stream and convert it to MP3, WMA or AAC, depending on the needs of the user". Audials Tunebite Premium also converts "more than 40 audio file formats", and differs in particular from the competition, since "audio streams are recorded at ten times the speed" of Spotify and at twice the speed of other services such as Napster.


The premium edition of Audials Tunebite is best for "people looking for an application to download their audio files that they would buy from Amazon, for example". The software "has a main function and [...] implements it very well". In the end, the blogger said, "I'm personally happy and pleasantly surprised".


Audials also visualizes music from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Veoh or Soundcloud with the Music Zoom function in Audials One and Audials Music Rocket. With the free standalone app, you can listen to music immediately and discover all the favorite artists by typing the name or genre.


The program is „entirely dedicated to musical discovery“. The “presentation in stars […] allows a glance to access a unique range of artists or pieces, the latter being attached to each other by general criteria (the musical genre for example)”. It is very simple to use Music Zoom, users “can move on this "map" from one element to another by simply using the wheel of the mouse (with a nice 3D zoom effect)”. Therefore, the blogger mentions: “Needless to say, we make quick discoveries!” When finding songs that you want to listen to, they “are played directly from the interface”. He summarizes: “With its stylish interface, original star design, and rich catalog of millions of titles and artists, the free Audials Music Zoom 2018 Windows PC and Tablet app is a gold mine for all music lovers”. 


In Audials Music Zoom, the “Artificial Intelligence forms the world's most extensive music map and considers new entries and relations”. The images of artists are “displayed in a size corresponding to their popularity”. The freeware is “thus a great way for discovering new music based on favorite genres or finding all artists that match your taste by typing in specific names in the search bar”.


The blogger explains that Music Zoom is a “meta search engine [that] shows all artists on one global music map, based on similarity and enables you to listen to all songs and entire discographies of all singers from streaming portals like YouTube” etc. First of all, you only see a big cloud with certain artist images, but “while zooming in, you discover even more artists and bands”. By moving with the mouse “to the right or left, you explore adjacent genres from more than 1,000 displayed in total”. 

Discover Audials Tunebite Premium and Audials Music Zoom.

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