Lots of praise by bloggers for Audials One 10


Audials One 10 was already reviewed by well-known technology blogs and received a lot of praise.

Lots for praise from bloggers

Palla Ramarao from Pallareviews.com took a look at the new Audials One 10 and instantly liked "the software’s intuitive interface and simplified all-in-one presentation of entertainment". He points out that Audials One 10 is the right tool if you want "to make your PC an entertainment bazooka".

The tech bloggers of Mytechnologyguide.org also already tested the brand-new Audials One 10 and really liked the “many innovative features” the software offers. They were especially excited by the music wishes function as the “application automatically starts searching through all the radio stations and online video sources to fulfill your wish, automatically recording the songs to your hard disk”.

Hellboundbloggers.com also reviewed Audials One 10 and really liked that the software “is just the perfect item to have for Non-Technical guys as well because of its Simple and easy to understand User Interface.

Geekadviser.com checked out Audials One 10 as well. The experts point out the very good options for file conversion: “[…] allows you to convert from and to various formats depending on your need and the device you plan on playing them on.”