Audials Android App with many new functions


Audials Android 2.6 offers new radio stations, landscape mode and much more.

Audials Android App with many new functions

Local radio stations and better cutting accuracy

The recently released Audials Android 2.6 brings many exciting new functions to the users. Now a lot new radio stations are available and there is the possibility to find and listen to local radios from around you. To optimize the recording of the stations, the cutting accuracy was improved immensely.

Widget functionality and landscape mode

Furthermore Audials Android can now be used as a widget, which means you can listen to your favorite radio stations even when you are using another app. Additionally Audials Android offers landscape mode and is optimized for 7-inch tablets.

Alarm function

And that's not all: The new alarm function lets you wake up with the best hits and your favorite radio stations each morning!

Audials Android at Google Play

The app can be installed on your Android smartphone directly from Google Play.

YouTube video shows all features

The YouTuber TheSmokingAndroid shows the most important functions of Audials Android 2.6 in his video and is amazed by the many options that the app offers: