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Microsoft ranks Audials Windows 8 App among the Top 6 International Music Apps


The app Audials Radio for Windows 8 was featured and highly praised by Microsoft and also tested by bloggers. In a direct comparison test with the competitor TuneIn Audials Radio could convince the testers more.

Microsoft ranks Audials Windows 8 App among the Top 6 International Music Apps

Microsoft loves Audials Radio for Windows 8

Audials Radio was featured on the Microsoft Windows website as one of the six most popular apps in the category "Music & video" and is described as the app for "commerical free radio stations from around the globe". Additionally Kirsten Ballweg from the Windows Experience Blog tested Audials Radio and especially liked that you can "tune into radio stations from places around the world with the [...] app".


Blogger are enthusiastic about Audials Radio

Christoph Till from especially liked the usability of the app. He praises that the different stations are "well categorized by genre, place or even artists". In comparison with the competitor TuneIn he comes to the conclusion that Audials is more convincing because of the "easy handling".


Marcel from also only can report positively about the Windows 8 app Audials Radio. He liked the artist view very much as "often played artists are showed and in addition also the radio stations on which the selected artist is played at the very moment". He thinks that the Audials Radio app is "easier and more clearly arranged" than the TuneIn Windows 8 app.


The experts from also recommend Audials Radio as "many radio stations can be on you PC fast and easily". They are sure that Audials Radio "offers something for every taste with its more than 40,000 stations".


Another test comes from The bloggers are sure that "the most impressive feature of the app is that it has over 40,000 radio stations and these station are categorized by genre, language, country, and even top artists.“ Additionally they like that Audials Radio for Windows 8 “is extremely simple to use and offers a list of options that make the experience of listening to radio stations even more fun.”


Audials Apps for any device

For quite some time there is already an Audials app for Android devices which already offers some more features than the new app for Windows 8. Until April 2013 nearly 1,800 users voted the app with the highest available rating of 5 stars in Google Play. Several hundreds of thousands of users in the whole world are enthisiastic about Audials apps. Overview on all Audials apps