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USA TODAY and love the features of Audials Radio for Apple iOS


The well-known news platforms USA TODAY and tested the Audials Radio app for Apple iOS and liked it a lot. Additionally bloggers and YouTubers reviewed the app and came to the same conclusion.

USA TODAY and love the features of Audials Radio for Apple iOS

The journalist Marc Saltzman from USA TODAY tested Audials Radio for iPad and really liked that the "free music streaming app [...] offers access to 50,000-odd radio stations" and that it "serves up a ton of music, talks and podcasts - all for free".

Mark Harris from also tested the Audials Apple app and points out that "this free app has a good selection of tools for quickly finding the music (and radio stations) you like". What he thinks is most impressive about the app is its "music discovery potential", as you can "search for genres and eras [...], Top Hits, Top Artists, Suggestions, and a genre list to help you find new bands and artists".

The bloggers from iPhoneiPodTutorial also reviewed Audials Radio for iOS and think that the app is "very functional [and] allows it to listen to music everywhere for free and without ads".

Audials Radio for iOS on YouTube

Jonathan from AppStoreReviewer made a highly acknowledged video about the Audials app for iPhone and "really like[d] that [he] can go back and keep on playing" the song that is currently played while searching "for other stations". He comes to the conclusion that Audials Radio is the "ultimate music and podcast streaming app".


Also Elly Awesome from AppChat tested the app and thinks that Audials Radio is an "awesome way to discover new music".